Paws & Prose: Nanowrimo Day 19 —A Confirmed Race.

19th day writing strike nanowrimo

Nanowrimo Day 19 starts off with a race between two best friends, me—Shannon, and my friend Sophie. Sophie and I have both joined Nanowrimo for the first time this year and have now somehow entered into a race as to who can get more words during the challenge.

I believe that Sophie will be posting an update this week, so follow her if you want to see how we get on in our little race between Pirate by Blood and Middle Earth.

Shannon’s Project
Sophie's project, Middle Earth at 30292
Sophie’s Project

As you can see, Sophie is currently winning by 94 words. Stay tuned to see how this pans out 😉

Nanowrimo Update

Earlier this month, around day 13, I was on 24,000 words, which was ahead of schedule. Now, on day 19, I am around 2000 words short. But I’m getting there!

30198 words: 19 Day Strike

Last week, I told you how I was struggling to move forward, which I think is common when you hit midway of the Nanowrimo challenge? It certainly is when you hit midway of any project in my experience.

So, I took a few days where I only wrote a few hundred words, played the Sims 4 Discover University and listened to a lot of soundtrack music (a lot!). Since then, I have been able to write another 6000 words. Yay 😀

But I am now 2000 words behind rather than 2000 words ahead. I’ll get there!

Curious about the project?

Last time, I told you a little about my project. Here is a small reminder:

Sarah is born a pirate but she tries her hardest not to be. As a child, she runs to land to escape piracy. However, everything seems to push her back to the sea and her destiny to face the tyrant and cursed Captain Edmünd Tollak.

I would love it if you left comments and questions about my project.


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    • Priscilla, thanks for your comment.

      Throughout the book, she grows up. Most of the present day events take place while she is in her early to mid 20s, but the non-linear events start from the age of five and up.

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