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Paws and Prose: My Script before Christmas

I’m really pleased with my script so far. I haven’t got to my target of five pages a day yet. Hopefully, after Christmas, I’ll be able to finish this ninety-page script. Here’s where I am now. I’m currently on page six and have found lots of books on kindle unlimited about homemade candle making but none on the 1800s candle making, so I’ve mixed the information from the book I […]

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The Brief History of Candle-Making | Berg’s Book Club

Ok, this is a hard book to review because it’s very short. I mean, it ends on the kindle location, 291. I don’t know what that converts to page-wise but as the average seems to be a few thousand kindle locations for a 300page book, it takes a few minutes to read. I tell you why I read this book, I’m writing a screenplay set in the industrial revolution, the protagonist’s […]

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Paws and Prose: An Early Christmas

Some of you know that I am an aspiring screenwriter, this Christmas, I’ve received the best screenwriting gift: Final Draft. It’s the industry standard and as my independent study this year is to write and complete a ninety-page script, well this software is going to be a miracle worker. My dad has given me my Christmas gift early so that I can use it for my uni work and play […]

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Superheroes and love

This one is an odd one for me. I enjoy Batman, but I wouldn’t really say I’m a superhero fan. Most of my fandoms are things like Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Merlin … all things like that. However, just under a  year ago I had to make a magazine for my coursework with classmates. Our magazine was called Prism and it was aimed at teenagers and young adults. For […]

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Creative Stories

As some of you know, I study Creative Writing at the University of Derby and I’m in my final year. Yay! I still don’t know if my degree will say Creative Writing, which was the name of the course when I signed up, or Creative and Professional Writing, which was the course name in my second year. It’s been a great experience, and I love my course and my lectures. […]

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Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles

Some of you may know that I am an aspiring screenwriter. The other day, I showed my lecturer my blog. He highly recommended that I put my screenplay from last year up here for all the world to see, so here it is. Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles is a short, fantasy film for children about a young pre-teen girl, who is trying to fit in with school, but […]

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