Paws and Prose: Project NanoWriMo Day 24

Over the last few days, I have fallen behind in my NaNoWrimo project. I have 36226, whereas yesterday I needed to have 38, 300.

So, I am just over 2k words behind!

nanowrimo stats
36, 226 word total; 1962 words needed; 24th day strike

Although, I did have a good excuse for my lack of words on Thursday, I was busy graduating! This resulted in me getting a mere 230 words on Thursday. Friday, I did better, getting 1600 words and I don’t know what happened yesterday…

Nanowrimo stats
21/11/2019 250 words

So where has this left me in the NaNoWriMo race?

The NaNoWRiMo Race

Some of you will be aware that my friend, Sophie, and I have entered into a little competition with ourselves. Who will get to the 50,000 word target first?

Although Sophie was with me on Thursday as I walked across the stage, she seems to be right on target! With 38,821 words, she is not only on the light-blue line for day 23, she is likely to get the 40k NaNoWriMo badge today.

nanowrimo project: sophie

It also means that she has left me in the dust with her 2.5K lead! Will I catch up?

Let’s just say I love a difficult challenge, and this is such a difficult challenge! In the meantime, congratulations on your 2.5K lead Sophie!

Follow Sophie’s blog for more NaNoWriMo updates.

Pirate by blood — An Extract

A brigantine ship, known to many as the Poised Falcon, fought against the heavy rain and the thrash of waves. A child around seven years of age looked out to the horizon and fixated on an island, barely visible. She climbed onto the stern and sat on the edge, her clothes clinging to her soaking wet flesh. She closed her eyes, ready to push herself into the water.

Hands grabbed her waist and pulled her back onto the deck. Captain Jasper Gibbins turned the child to face him. Her vibrant silver eyes locked with his misty grey ones. 

“Have ya lost ya mind, child!” He shouted. 

“I want to go home!” She exclaimed, stamping her foot onto the deck. The captain scoffed.  

“Yea? An ya goin’ ta do that from Davy Jones Locker, are ya?” He said. Sarah scowled at him as she thought back tears. 

“Well, maybe if you took me home, like I asked!”

“No, no, for the last time…” the captain stamped his foot, “no!”

Sarah turned away from him as she wiped the tears from her eyes. 

“I don’t want to be here,” she said. 

“Would you rather be a traitor?”

“I would rather be dead.”

The captain whacked Sarah across the face, his rings catching her chin. The force sent her flying into the windless. He grabbed Sarah’s arm, rolled up her sleeve and revealed a scar that was burned into her skin. The letter P sat above three others: CJG

“You see this? This is who you are. You are a pirate. Never forget it.”

How is NaNoWriMo going?

Tell me in the comments what you think about mine and Sophie’s NaNoWriMo attempts and what you think of the extract.

Also, how are your projects going? Are you on target? Do you have a race of your own?


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