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Paws and Prose: Participating in NanoWrimo 2019

Hi all,

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much recently. There are reasons for this. One of them is that, with the help of a volunteer, I am improving all my blog posts to make sure that they are all reader friendly.

You may have noticed that you are being notified about old posts, and that is the reason why. 🙂

Another is that I am participating in NanoWrimo for the first time.

What is NanoWrimo?

NanoWrimo stands for National November Writing Month. It is when many writers across the globe get together and start writing in the aim that we will have 50,000 words of our project by the end of the month.

Currently, I am at 24100ish words, which is slightly above schedule, but I have started to struggle the last few days. I have gotten lost in the middle of my story . Still, I am not going to be beat!!! {Not that I am competitive o:) }

What is my Nanowrio project?

It is a story that I started about four or five years ago with the working title: Pirate by Blood. The story has themes of magic and supernatural to it as well as the historical genre.

Sarah was born a pirate but she tries her hardest not to be. However, everything seems to push her back to the sea and her destiny to face the tyrant and cursed Captain Edmünd Tollak.

Nanowrimo stats page: current words and target.
24188 in total, 1198 needed today, 9 days writing spree.

How is it going?

Currently, I am above schedule by one day… ignore that the figure says I wrote 14k in one day, the stats had a bug… but at the moment I have hit a block. I don’t know how to move forward even though I know what I want to happen. Lets hope I get out of that soon.

Are you participating in NanoWrimo? Please let me know.


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  1. Ooo, I like the pirate idea! You are ahead of schedule and rocking it!

    Yes, I’m doing Nano.:-)

    When I get stuck I tell myself to write terribly. Then it’s okay to proceed and not expect it to be right (because bad writing can be edited in a subsequent draft). If that doesn’t work, I jump to a different scene and write out of order. I’ve also tried walking away, literally, like walking around the block and noticing the smells of grass or whatever. When I get back, somehow I have a better feel for how the scene should go. One thing I haven’t tried yet but read that it helps is just commit to writing one sentence. Write ONE sentence, and that usually jars loose the ink so you can write one more sentence after that . . .

    • I’m a panster definitely. So typing random usually helps but I struggle going out of chronological order, I think I might have to for a bit just to move it on. Thanks for the tips, I hope your own project is going well!

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