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Bearing Disability: Cross-Country Trains – Reblog

Cross Country Trains Post

Trains. Has there ever been an inch of snow that prevents you from getting wherever you need to go? For some people like Sophie, it seems to snow too often.

Sophie is the author of today’s reblog. I’m being kept on my toes by the University of Derby, but then what do you expect when you are in your final year?

The amount of work is also preventing me from thinking of what to write so I would love to hear your ideas? I will get to them eventually, I’m sure! But I am really enjoying this year though.

I have my dissertation coming up and other coursework, so it’s really no wonder I didn’t have time to post. Some of you might be at university yourself and understand. Maybe you commute. Use the train. In which case, I hope you will sympathise with Sophie.

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This is a reblog of Sophie’s post: Disability Education Cross-Country Trains

There are many stories of disabled people being excluded from different types of transport. Whether that’s the busses. The planes or… you guessed it trains!

Problems can range from the attitude of others who are using the same transport, the drivers, the staff on the platform… Or just the available support so that you can access whichever service you are trying to.

Sophie discusses the issues she has with the UK train service. Specifically Cross-Country when it comes to accessibility.

Do have a look at it and don’t forget to follow Sophie.

Ignorance and unacceptable attitudes of taxis drivers, extends into the cross-country train service and their customers. Having travelled to and from Southampton several times for university, I have realised there are a few problems with the Cross-Country train service. The first issue I noticed was with the assisted travel service at the stations. Those who are disabled or have […]

via Disability Education – Cross-Country Trains — The Life of Sophie

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