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Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Bearing Disability: Living with a speech impediment

I have a speech impediment that was likely caused by the brain damage at birth. It affects certain letters or sounds: S, Sh, L, Y, R, W, Th, F are the ones that I know about. It’s frustrates me. My first and last name has two of these […]

Bearing Disability: Spoons Emotional Bandwidth Reblog

I only heard of the ‘spoons’ metaphor a few years ago. The spoons represent energy. It goes something like this. Each person has a set number of spoons, let’s say for this article, everyone has ten spoons a day. Often, an able-boded person is able to get by […]

The Cinematic Experience​ — The Life of Sophie

Sitting away from friends is not pleasant. Sometimes, it is expected, when you go to a formal gathering with a seating plan, such as an award ceremony, other times it is due to access issues. It is the access issues that need to be tackled. Companies say they […]

Bearing Disability —Dr Who: Ryan’s Vanishing Disability

Please be aware that this post will contain spoilers. The topic of this post makes it hard for spoilers to not be included. It will look at Series 11 and the opening episodes of Series 12, with a focus on Ryan. Now, I’m not going to bother explaining […]

Revolutionary App for Changing Places Users!

I found this post about an app for disabled toilets and I know how much Changing Places is needed by some individuals. What a great idea for an app! My friend, Sophie needs access to Changing Places and there are so very few of them. Yes, many places […]

Car Adaptations for a Disabled Driver

Getting Your Car Adapted Getting the right adaptations for your car can be difficult and time-consuming if you are a disabled driver. Useful Links: Motability Scheme – provides information on over 500 car adaptations and videos showing how some of them work. Also you can get your car […]

Moving home — from one flat to another

I know it has been a long time again, but over the last three weeks, Dad and I have been moving home. We’ve lived in a flat with lots of storage space and now moved to one with less storage space. We disciplined ourselves and kept things that […]

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