Bearing Disability

Bearing Disability: Shifting Weight with disability

Carrying weight has always been a problem for me. I have to consider it all the time when I’m shopping. Even moving a bunch of things to the next room can be an issue. I have to be strategic. Creative.


Most people don’t think about popping to the shops and filling a bag with groceries, but often, I struggle to carry a bag of groceries that contain the bare necessities: milk, bread, a tin or two and cooking sauces – so when I have to make a big trip to the shops it is always a struggle. However, I have some tricks and tips.

Abandon the Shopping Basket to carry less weight.

The shopping basket is absolutely useless. It’s just putting the weight you can’t handle into your arms before you have even paid for it and by the time you get to the tills, you’ll already be tired.

Use a Shopping Trolley

Known as shopping carts in the USA, these things are great to stop you from getting too tired too quickly. Try and use the smallest size they have to prevent you from filling it up with a bunch of stuff you were not originally going to buy. It’s ok to use a trolley and only have 5-6 items in it when you take it to the till. You might get a few glances, but it’s not your problem.

Make a list

This will make it so that you don’t buy what you were not originally going to get. So, those that are impulsive buyers, this might save your bank account!

But there’s another reason for this list. If you prioritise whether it is urgent or not, you are able to keep the weight of your shopping down. So, if you have to rely on the bus, you might need to make 2 or 3 trips to the supermarket, but it is better than being in pain!

University Shopping

If you are moving into halls, take someone shopping with you. If you are struggling to carry weight, there is no way you can do a big shop for university by yourself.

My dad helps me when I move into halls and then I do frequent but small shops throughout the year. So again, you might need to do 2-3 trips a week. However, if you have a flatmate steal all your food (it happens -_-) and you need to do an emergency shop – then friends will be happy to help too.

Alternatively, there is online shopping but they tend to give short-dated food. You also have to spend a specific amount before they deliver and make an account.

Ask for help.

I’ve done this. When I couldn’t park in the car park but had tons of bags, I have asked shops to carry my shopping to my car. It’s a bit of hit and miss on this one, but usually you can get some form of help.

Alternatively, you can get it delivered. But don’t do what I did. The delivery time was half an hour away once I finished shopping, so I started back towards my halls. Somehow the driver managed to beat me back.

 Life at University

Doing laundry at halls

Shopping trolley bag. Can be used to lesson the weight load of shopping.

This one could probably fit into the shopping one as well, but I have a shopping trolley bag that I use as a laundry hamper. My last two university years, I had to go to the laundrette to do my laundry but was unable to carry my clothes. So my dad bought me a shopping trolley as a way of easily manoeuvring my clothes.

As I said, you need to be creative if you have a disability. Changing a shopping trolley bag into a laundry hamper seems pretty creative to me. All you have to do is drag it behind you and your clothes come with you.

Then you drag it to your clothes horse, clothes airer or whatever you use to dry your clothes!

Moving a laptop and other uni supplies

laptop bag on wheels

Get a bag on wheels. I honestly think that my laptop bag is the best bag invention ever. It has a laptop case to protect my MacBook, places to store folders and can be easily moved because it has an extendable handle and wheels. If you struggle carrying your laptop or uni supplies I highly recommend them.

Just watch out for people who do not look where they are going. They will, always, no matter what, trip over the bag.

What’s more, you can use them for sleepovers. Stuff some spare clothes in them for the night and you’re sorted. Happy as Larry—whoever he is…

University handbooks

If you don’t want the laptop bag, or even if you do, then I recommend getting a small folder to keep your important documents for each module. Every single one of them.

That way, you will only need to take the relevant folder to university with you. If you have the laptop bag, you can put the folder in there.

Out and about

If I go somewhere where I won’t need much, then I just take my little handbag with me to keep the weight at bay. However, if I am going somewhere that requires more than my phone, keys and wallet, I take a rucksack or my laptop bag.

A rucksack is good because it distributes weight evenly. The laptop bag is excellent because you only have to drag it behind you.


If there is a heavy item you need to move, find something with wheels attached. Wheels are the best invention known to man. Investing in a shopping trolley bag and a laptop bag might be ideal.

However, if it is just a bunch of stuff that won’t fit in your handbag, maybe use a rucksack.

Thanks for reading. What are some of your techniques to shifting weight from one place or the next? Is there anything I’ve missed? Please do let me know in the comments below.

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