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Moving home — from one flat to another

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I know it has been a long time again, but over the last three weeks, Dad and I have been moving home. We’ve lived in a flat with lots of storage space and now moved to one with less storage space. We disciplined ourselves and kept things that we actually wanted to keep — rather than have thing in boxes that we haven’t touched in half a decade.

So, we have been going through boxes and putting them in an empty box to keep. If they didn’t make the box, they were left out to be donated or chucked. I loved that bit. I don’t know why, but there is something satisfying about chucking/donating things…

The move was a long process, we had our old flat (or apartment) until yesterday, so we could keep the things we didn’t want in that flat until we could get down to the Tip—Household Recycling Centre.

Settling into our new home

Dad and I have bought some new furniture for our new home. We both have a new desk. I love the look of them. We just have to build them now. And we are both vivid readers, so we obviously needed some new bookcases! They’re great!

Dad and I also had to find ways to create space. Dad is really good at that. He has bought a saucepan rack holder, and a 5-self kitchen rack that kind of looks like a book case but with racks…

I bought a tray rack so that our cooking trays could stand up. We got some new saucepans too! Oh and we have our own sofa… so next time we move, we are probably going to need a van!

Nagging Inner Voice

It is times like this that I get an inner voice that is hard to ignore. It says “If you weren’t disabled then…”

So the inner voice kept saying that I was not good enough while dad and I were moving homes. It told me that if I weren’t disabled I could lift the furniture, carry it upstairs and dad wouldn’t feel so tired.

One morning, I told dad this, and he told me to look at what I had actually done. The packing, the unpacking, holding doors so that he can get in and out. I could have easily left him to do it all and the job would have taken longer because of work and me doing these jobs meant he had one less job to do.

He made sure that I knew I had been working hard, even though this voice kept trying to tell me that I hadn’t.

It made my day and made me feel better. Thank you dad.

Finding everything a home

Now, our task is to unpack things that are still packed and find them a place in our home.

I’ve been watching videos on how to fold clothes and bought a folding clothes aid in my sort of new home resolution to attempt to be tidy for once in my life :’). Let’s see how that challenge goes!

The place is already starting to feel like home though, so that is good.

Up next.

On Saturday, I am going to write an article about PIP, along with a template to raise your needs in terms of the DWP categories. So do keep a look-out for that and feel free to look at previous posts on the subject. Also do follow me on Facebook and Twitter



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