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Bearing Disability: My Educational Journey – Reblog

A great post from my friend Sophie on the view of disability and education in schools. Well worth a read and well written. Sometimes the professionals are wrong. In fact… that seems to be the case a lot of the time.

I was put in foundation classes at school, despite my coursework being graded in the As because they did not think I could get the same in exams. For my foreign readers. Foundation in the UK means that you are capped at a C grade. You have to get 70% in the exam to get a C grade, and even if your coursework is an A, you cannot get above a C. Roughly 80% of the paper is the same as the Higher Tier, the only difference was the wording of the exam questions. They were worded clearer for the foundation group to understand.

After a few weeks in Maths foundation in Year 7, I was moved to the top set. They didn’t believe my sats until they saw my ability, but they didn’t give me a chance in the other GCSE Core I took, English. So I was capped at a C there. Maybe this system is why students are bad at exams.

Anyway, the PHAB Camps Sophie mentions is the same PHAB camp I went to – Check it out here.

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Sophie’s post

Disability Education post

As I try to explain to people again and again, the spectrum for Cerebral Palsy and for disability is so broad. Each disability is different to the next, and each disability is different in its self. They affect children, young people and adults in different ways and to different degrees. When I was four years old, […]

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