Central Park and Wildlife in New York City

Bird in Central Park

My dad and I visited New York in April 2017. If you’re around my age, you might picture a little mouse, in a toy car, driving around New York and central park!

I loved New York! Dad and I went to many attractions and venues, including the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, all with the help from the New York Pass.We went on cruises, some of which came with the appeal of food and took an educational trip to Ellis Island—which was just insightful.

Then there were the museums,  the evolution of humans in The Natural History but we still had time for Central Park.

I know this is my third post on New York, but it’s a massive place and we did a lot. The cruises were fantastic, the trip to Ellis Island was educational and insightful, and the museums were a wonder and some of the food came in massive portions. 

But Central Park was amazing too.

Central Park

Map of Central Park

Central Park is so big that it has it’s own map! And this is just a small section of it.

I think we entered the park from the Natural History Museum (which I recommend to visit if you travel to New York).

We went to Strawberry fields, which has connotations and associations with the Liverpoolian band, The Beatles. I’m not sure what the connection is exactly—dad did tell me but I forgot with all the things we visited that week—I think it was a memorial, but I know dad was happy we went and so was I.

Boat House

At some point, we went to boat house(12) and hired a model sailboat for half an hour.  I spent that half-hour making the boat spin in circles but that wasn’t my intention. I wanted to bring it closer to me. Every time I tried, it went in a circle and inched further away. A couple of times, it rocked and almost toppled over, other times I managed to successfully get it through the two tiny buoys—I think that was more luck than anything because it still inched away.

While I was trying to control the boat, Stuart Little came to mind. I remember thinking about George and the bully in the sailboats race.

Near the end of the race, Stuart cuts the bully’s sail loose, breaking the remote… I couldn’t help wonder if it was the remote or my poor skills. In all honesty, I think it was my poor skills, and I’m not ready to join a boat race just yet.

While I was trying to get control of this boat, a kid around 10-11 came and controlled another boat, the boat came to him within seconds at such a speed, while mine moved further and further away. Almost tipping over in the process.

I couldn’t help laugh at how easy it was for him. Even though the boat didn’t listen to me, it was great fun.

Walking around Central Park and meeting the Wildlife

We also had a lovely walk around the pond and central park itself. I loved the wildlife. Bernie, one of the Big Bus Tour guides, said we mustn’t tell the wildlife that the park is man-made. They think it’s real. I can see why, look at how cute they look.

Tuttles near water in Central Park

I’ve never seen wild turtles before, only baby ones in a pet shop or adults in the zoo. One thing is certain though, no matter their environment, they like to play musical statues (just without the music). I don’t think I’ve known any other kind of creatures that move so little.

Herman the Tortoise

But they weren’t the only slow moving creatures around the pond that day. There was also their cousin, Herman the Tortoise. I named him Herman because he reminds me of the Hermann tortoise I once had.

My tortoise was a birthday present from my mom—Note: M-o-m is not the American spelling of mom, like many believe, it is the Black Country and Birmingham spelling too! This does cause an issue when mother’s day arrives though…

Anyway, I digress.

Tortoise near water at central park
Herman the Tortoise

Here is Speedella’s not-so-distant but far away cousin, Herman, sunbathing in Central Park. I was surprised to find him so close to water when tortoises can’t swim but I suppose it’s a great source of water to drink from, too. He was happy for the attention though.

Tortoise smiling
Look at the cheeky grin

Dad and I love taking photos, dad is more into portrait and flowers while I take photos of any animal that moves. So we both found Central Park photogenic.

Photo-fan squirrel

I got tired while walking around, so we sat on a bench to rest when a little grey visitor popped by to say hello. She stood not too far away from me  and looked me in the eye. It allowed me to take what I think is still the best photo I have ever taken.


Once I got the photo, she scampered off, probably in the search of acorns.

Birds on a fence

But it wasn’t too long before a couple more creatures entered my vision. I have no idea what these birds are, but this image made me think they were playing follow the leader.

The red bird in charge, while the two smaller ones (probably a type of finch) were following him. I immediately got an image of Disney’s animated Peter Pan, when all the lost boys were following John.

Image result for peter pan follow the leader gif

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed my post, and learning about my experience in New York. Please feel free to read my other New York posts that are linked at the top.

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