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Food Glorious Food! Hot sausage and mustard – make that a double sized portion and don’t hold the ketchup and chilli!

I hate egg and my dad is allergic but New York struggles with the concept of an egg-free breakfast. Most of our breakfast mornings started with us trying to find a place that would serve food without egg. Believe me my fellow Brits, it is a hard task, even the bread is dipped in egg unless you specifically ask them not to and if you do that, they look at you a bit oddly and repeat your order in a confused tone. They love their egg in the US (or maybe it’s just New York)

We went to McDonald’s a few times and had a sausage bap but we eventually found Bread and Butter on  7th Avenue who are happy to serve toast and yogurt, both without egg, (we found another place across from Bread and Butter but the name escapes me). I found exploring New York in the morning is a great way to start the day.

While you do get confused looks when you ask for a breakfast without egg, it’s not just custom orders for egg that they struggle with. I quickly learned you had to specifically say what foods you wanted to be removed.

If you say you want a plain chicken sandwich in the UK, you expect a chicken sandwich with bread and possibly butter. No salad, no mayo, etc. In the US a plain chicken sandwich is the chicken. No bread, salad, mayo. I was never served just the chicken but I do remember a server asking me to confirm if I just wanted the chicken. I customise food a lot as I am a really fussy eater so I learned that I needed to spend a few minutes with the server, waiter or waitress and tell them exactly what I wanted with my food and what food I wanted them to hold.

We also managed to eat at a reasonable price, visiting places like Bill’s Burger and Grill, Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine and similar places, the average lunch was around $9-12 dollars each, and the dinner $18-22 each excluding the tip (cheaper than most UK restaurants) Not to mention the portions were twice as big as the average British portion.

One restaurant that still makes me laugh is Shakeshack. An overcrowded and popular food chain. As far as I could tell, this is how it worked.

You want a chair? Race for it, the person to touch the chair first wins the table and the other person either, eats standing up when their food is ready or tries again. Once I worked this out, we never went without a chair.

Their Hotdogs and curly fries are lovely, this applies to the whole of New York.

If you are on a budget, avoid the restaurants in museums to keep to little diners or fast-food restaurants.

On our last night, we went to Olive Garden as a farewell to a lovely trip. It was the most expensive place we visited throughout the whole trip coming to a total of $100 with a tip. It was lovely, the breadsticks were nice and soft, we were given a free bowl of bottomless soup each and I had a delicious lasagna that was probably bigger than my head (I was defeated by it).

New York was definitely worth the visit


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