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Bearing Disability: Bad Hair Day? Make Life Easier

Happy New Years Eve! I hope you all have had a wonderful year, I know I have. I like New Year because it marks the middle of winter, meaning spring is on the horizon. Yes!

I’ve got to say, winter is my least favourite season because Cerebral Palsy and cold do not mix well. So, with spring and new year on the way, let’s talk about Personal Care.

Cerebral Palsy and Bad Hair Days

Only being able to use one hand most the time is a struggle, that includes getting dressed, hair management and showering. Today, I am going to talk about hair management, because let’s face it, we all have a bad hair day at some point, right?

After all, we cant all get our hair as good as Ariel so that a fork can run smoothly through it.


A little story

If you have one hand, hair is something that is constantly a pain. This one has a little story behind it.

When I was a child of around five or six years old, I once told my mom that I wanted my hair to be as long as Rapunzel’s. I got obsessed with that video … videos, remember them?


So, this influenced how often my hair would be trimmed and it was never cut for almost a decade. At that point,  my hair reached the bottom of my back when plaited and became a nuisance. It would get trapped in my bag, or on nails sticking out of walls.

I couldn’t manage it myself because I couldn’t brush my hair, let alone wash it or plait it. All of that I needed assistance for. Being a teenager, I wanted independence and privacy, but my hair prevented me from having that.

The change to prevent bad hair days

I’m sure that is a look of relief, not shock – Imagine all the time she’s saved.

One day, a teacher suggested getting my hair cut to see if that would help me manage my hair and so I did. I now maintain it at shoulder length (usually getting it cut just above my shoulders so it can grow). It is much easier to brush and it no longer gets trapped into things. However, washing my hair is sometimes.

Here’s a tip that helps me crack hair washing majority of the time: use the shampoo like it’s glue. This will only work if you don’t have very short hair (I don’t know what hairstyles are called):

  1. Dump shampoo in the centre of your head,
  2. loosely rub it in over the whole of your scalp
  3. bring the rest of your hair to your scalp and it should stick as if you’ve glued or attached it in some way
  4. rub the shampoo in again, add more if needed.
  5. wince

However, if you like having your hair long, or these tips don’t help you, Ask Sara also gives some equipment that you may be able to use to make life easier.

One that has caught my attention is the long-handled, curved hairbrush which may allow you to keep your hair at a longer length if that’s what you prefer.  There is a similar brush for washing your hair in the shower, which I may invest in at some point. I hope you have less bad hair days than me!

Hair drying

When it comes to drying the hair, Sara suggests a hair dryer holder, which will be perfect so I can brush my hair as I dry it. At the minute, I cannot find one that does not have to be fixed in place and I live in rented accommodation, but I will keep looking.

Have a lovely new year


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