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Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan: A Series Review

This is a reblog post. It features a review of the book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. I loved the Percy Jackson series and slowly (very slowly) working my way through the Markus Chase series.

I’m loving the Markus Chase series so far. Both series introduces the reader to some kind of myth. Percy Jackson introduces you to Greek Myth and Markus Chase introduces you to Norse Myth.

I find the introduction to these mythologies intriguing and well done. It’s a good way to get children interested in myth and learn about the Greeks. But it is also important to remember that these are fantasy books for children. And as such, the mythology represented in them are probably not going to be as detailed as any adult books.

When I read the Percy Jackson books, I used to see the prophecies as riddles. I’d spend quite a lot of time rereading the prophecy to see if I could guess what would happen in the story. I’m sure I am not the only child that did that. So, if you have a child that loves riddles, give them this book and see if they treat the prophecy as one.

I hope you enjoy this reblog of a Percy Jackson Series Book Review.

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