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Hi guys, so this is about the new name for my brand new book club. All my reviews will now be published under the book club name ^_^.

Why am I starting a book club?

I feel that a book club will be a great way to let people feel connected and part of a discussion. Rather than the blog just be my rambling about books. I’d love to get you guys chatting, discussing on my blog and I hope that this book club is a way that will help with that.

It’d be a great way for people to suggest books for me to read and maybe we can have some reading challenges to get us reading as a group. Would that be fun?

It could also be a way for us to leave our comfort zone and find books that we are not familiar with. As you may have realised, one of my favourite authors is Jacqueline Wilson. But maybe I can find some authors and books I would not have considered if it wasn’t for this book club.

Maybe it will encourage us all to make some more time to read in our lives. I know I definitely need some more time… are they sure 24 hours in a day is enough?

I’d also love to hear your opinions on the book reviews that I write, so maybe this would help to encourage that too. We shall see. Essentially, I want to build a community of book lovers here on Little Sea Bear.

Book Club Name

Obviously, any decent club needs a name. You can’t just call it “the club” now can you? Well, you can, but you probably shouldn’t. I don’t know…

Anyway, I decided to name it after my polar bear teddy, Berg.

Polar Bears are my favourite animal, ever since I read Chris De Lacey’s book Ice Fire. The way he wrote polar bears made me fall in love with these creatures because I felt there was a connection between us.

Polar bear’s are left handed… or is it left pawed? Did you know that? They’re born using their left paw first. It’s amazing… and of course, I’m left-handed because of my disability. But that wasn’t the only connection, it was just something on a deeper level that I can’t seem to explain.

By the way, I do highly recommend the FIRST FIVE books of Chris De Lacey’s The Last Dragon Chronicles. Especially to any fantasy fans. It is just an absolutely beautiful story.

When I was 17, my dad bought me Berg, and now if I stay a night somewhere, Berg is with me. Riding in my rucksack. He comforts me when I am homesick and reminds me I am loved.


I like to think of Berg as my dæmon, a sort of external spirit from His Dark Materials and Book of Dust Series.

Berg the Polar Bear teddy with hat and scarf, book reviews bear.

While he may seem like a normal teddy bear, he isn’t.

Berg loves playing with my archenemies, the snow; making snowballs and snow bears and he is mischievous while playing with his siblings (various species of teddies and dolls). His favourite thing to do is tease his slightly older brother, Fawkes. A phoenix that is no way as bright as the Fawkes in the Harry Potter books.

 I think Berg’s friendly and playful personality makes him a brilliant mascot.

I mean, look at him. He definitely is an avid reader and prepared for all sorts of adventures.

Benefits of the book club

Ok, nothing is as of yet. But here is what you can expect to see from this book club.

  • Chances to write your own book review on Little Sea Bear. This is known as a guest post, exclusive to my site only. However, if you own your own blog or facebook page, the book review will link to that page, where readers can follow you for more of your work.
  • Chances to participate in polls as a “What shall I read next”. It could end up as the next review.
  • A chance to connect with other book lovers with similar interests to you. Comments will only ask for your email for reply purposes, so you can discuss books on the thread without worry of spam.
  • It gives authors a chance to request for their book to be reviewed.
  • Building a linking network. If you have written a similar review, feel free to share it.
  • A great sense of being a part of something

What I would like to do

I want to read more, whether through audio or kindle. It’s a bit difficult with my university work, but maybe this book club will help me out a little bit. So I am planning to post a book review every Tuesday starting next week…. here is hoping that I can finish Fiona’s book, Glasdrum by then. I should be able to do that.

Berg and I hope to see you there.

What I would like you to do

I would like you to tell me what you want in this book club. Lets build it together. Because the greatest things a made with teamwork and operation, so this book club shouldn’t be any different.

So, give suggestions. Tell me any improvements I can make. Tell me what you love.

Feel free to also post book review suggestions in the comments and have fun reading.

Thanks for listening to my rambles

I hope you enjoyed this post and you will participate in Berg’s Book Club. Don’t let the sweet polar bear down!

In the meantime, have a look at my previous reviews.

I’m sure you will find one that you will love, but just in case. I highly recommend Blame by Simon Mayo. It’s an awesome Young Adult’s dystopian novel.

Ant and Mattie are in jail for a crime that they did not commit. Everyone knows they are innocent, but no one seems to care. Really worth the read.

And please don’t forget to follow us on here, on facebook or on twitter. See you next week for Glasdum by Fiona MacBain



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