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Berg’s Book Club 2019 Reading Prompts

We have been inspired by the pop-sugar reading challenge. The challenge is where you read a book that fits into one of the prompts on the list for each week of the year. We wanted to create a similar challenge for Berg’s Book Club too, feel free to join in and please feel free to participate in both challenges. LilyMay and I really enjoy participating. Although we rarely have the time to complete the list, it is still fun to try

We are splitting Berg’s Book Club reading prompts into two groups.

One for adults and one for children, again participae in more than one challenge if you wish, the rules may differ slightly or the children’s challenge. The adult prompts are just as child friendly, only harder!

The reading challenge will start on 1st January and end 31st December. It needs a catchy name I think. one that is less of a mouthful than Berg’s Book Club Reading Prompts.

I mean, there is no ring to that at all… so, suggestions are more than welcome.

I’m thinking the Seabear challenge?

If one of the challenges is not applicable for any reason, feel free to take one from the other challenge.



  • One prompt per book. So if a book fits into more than one prompt, you have to choose which of the prompts you want to fit it into.
  • The Advanced challenge cannot be completed unless the easy, medium and hard challenge is complete by the end of the year. However, first three sections can be completed in whatever order you want.
  • any book started in 2018 but is finished in 2019 is counted as a book read in 2019
  • Suggest books to others who are also doing the challenge.
  • be friendly
  • Finally, the last and most important rule… have fun and enjoy yourselves.


  • The child can count a book for the challenge if the child wishes.
  • The last and most important rule… have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Adult’s Reading Challenge


  1. A book with a title that ends with your first initial.
    • E.G ours would be: S – Ballet Shoes; L – Clockwork Angel
    • For extremely difficult names (Juliet, Quinn) use the next consonant in your name, so for Juliet, it will be L, and for Quinn, it would be N)
  2. A book you didn’t read in school that others have.
    • Book Suggestions:
      • Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
      • Holes by Louis Sachar
  3. A short story
  4. The first book in a trilogy
  5. A book by an author you have been avoiding
  6. A Fairy Tale
    • Book Suggestions
      • Pick up a book from Hans Christian Anderson
      • Read the brothers’ Grimm collection
      • Read Angela Carter
  7. A book that is a piece of metafiction
  8. A graphic novel
    • Book Suggestions
      • Malice by Chris Wooding
  9. A book recommended by someone in a bookstore.
  10. One that was published the year you were born.
  11. A book that is at least 150 years old
    • Book Suggestions
      • What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge
      • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  12. A book with a place in the title
    • Book Suggestions
      • What Happened in New York


  1. A detective book
    • Book Suggestions
      • Any of the Agatha Christie books
  2. A book that was written under a pseudonym
    • Book Suggestions
      • Robert Galbraith books
      • Mary Westmacott books
  3. A true story made into a tv series/film
    • Book Suggestions
      • Peaky Blinders
      • Stuart: A life backwards by Alexanda Masters
  4. An author whose name is alliteration. This is not including their middle names. So no George R R Martin. Sorry.
    • Book Suggestions
      • James Joyce
  5. A book in a genre you do not normally read
  6. An audiobook
    • You can get some on youtube
  7. A book with a disabled character
    • Book SuggestionsSuggestions
      • Katy by Jaqueline Wilson
      • Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern
  8. A non-fiction book
  9. A book with a female protagonist
  10. A book where a character relives their past
    • Book Suggestions
      • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dicken
      • Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


  1. A book that is at least 700 pages long.
  2. Realist fiction
  3. An epistolary book
  4. The 30th published book by an author who has published 30 books or more!
    • Book Suggestions
      • Monster Eyeballs by Jaqueline Wilson
      • Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
      • The Mist by Stephen King
      • Quasar Quartz Quest by Malory Blackman
  5. a book with a protagonist of a different ethnicity to you
  6. Adapted for cinema or TV in 2019
    • Book Suggestions
      • His Darm Materials by Phillip Pullman
      • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
      • The Goldfinch — Donna Tartt
  7. A Booker prize book
    • Book Suggestions
      • The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan
      • True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey
      • The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.


  1. A book bought from a blind book sale
  2. A book you have read about… such as a book review 😉
  3. One of the books your friend/s won’t stop going on and on and on about
  4. A book about or set in your city
  5. Magical realism book
  6. A book featuring trains
  7. A book containing polar bears (for Berg)

Kid’s challenge


  1. A book with a mythical animal
  2. Graphic novel
  3. A book set in another world
  4. A book about time travel
  5. Written by an author whose surname starts with N
  6. A book recommended by your teacher
  7.  A book where the protagonist is called Tom
  8. Fairy Tale
  9. A book where the animals talk


  1. A book about a garden
  2. A book where the character travels
  3. Book with a character who is a scientist
  4. About a disability
  5. A book about an experiment
  6. A book where the main character is a villain.


  1. A book where the pages are not white
  2. Set in history
  3. A book about your favourite animal
  4. A book containing polar bears (for Berg)

Let us know how you get on below

Let Shannon and LilyMay know how you get on with this challenge, and suggest some prompts for next time… though that is a long way off! We hope you enjoy this Berg’s Book Club challenge.

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This post was written by *LilyMay* and ~Shannon~.


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  1. I think the challenge sounds like fun for all to do no matter their age or disability. My favourite prompt eg:fairytales like Cinderella ,Snow White ,Beauty and the Beast, I like happy ends even though this is not what happens in real life as not everyone has a happy ending like marrying a princess or prince but it doesn’t hurt to dream once in a while it’s good to dream. I must admit I do love Hans Christan Andersen’s fairytales.

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