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Applying for PIP Our Experience Part 1 | Reblog

Today, I was going to post an update on my Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) along with my decision to apply to the PIP tribunal. I have written it all ou. I explain that I have only been awarded 8 points in Daily Living after the MR appeal. After reading the stats on MR, I am surprised to even get this much. It must mean they know they are in the wrong.

Despite receiving some benefit, I am still going to the tribunal. I know I am entitled to more than this.

So, I have the post, written out, as I said. Only, I decided not to post it just yet, because I am scared. I am scared that posting it now could affect the outcome of my case when it does to the tribunal.

So for now, here’s another person struggling with PIP. Silveryew talks about her experience trying to get her husband onto the PIP system.

It’s a great blog and gives an insight to the struggles people who fall victim to PIP have to face, so if you are here to learn about PIP, then here is another resource for you. Go check it out and follow!

Applying for PIP Our Experience Part 1

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Husband was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in August 2015. After receiving the confirmation, we knew this could help us as having the diagnosis confirmation would mean he could get more support such as through Remploy or through seeing a Disability Work Adviser at the *shudder* Jobcentre *shudder*. However it was not until this year that […]

Applying for PIP: Our experience – part 1. — The Realm Of Silveryew

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  1. Thank you so so much for the reblog! <3

    I'm sorry that the Mandatory Reconsideration didn't do any good and I hope your case comes up soon.

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