The Cinematic Experience​ — The Life of Sophie

Sitting away from friends is not pleasant. Sometimes, it is expected, when you go to a formal gathering with a seating plan, such as an award ceremony, other times it is due to access issues. It is the access issues that need to be tackled.

Companies say they want to include people in events like cinema showing and concerts, but they also have a habit of isolating those that do turn up. Most of the time, a wheelchair spot, or easy access spot is cornered away from the screen, performance, or concert. Sometimes it is at the top circle, in hard to see seats… or seats that are away from other people.

My friend Sophie shares her experience with cinema chains and how isolated they can feel when seating disabled people, as well as other issues.

Saving the Cinematic Experience

There are only a few cinemas I have easy access to due to the facilities within the location, including Odeon Cinema de Lux as part of Broadway Plaza in Birmingham, Cineworld Broad Street in Birmingham and showcase Cinema Deluxe Leicester. I don’t often go to the cinema with my family rather I go with my […]

The Cinematic Experience​ — The Life of Sophie

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