The Arch-Enemy returns.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I did some coursework, packed my stuff and went to the Christmas Party. My dad and I then travelled to my home in Birmingham. I wake up this morning, confronted by my arch-enemy: Snow.

I’m grateful that my dad suggested that I came home last night and not on Saturday, which was the original plan because now I am safe indoors away from my enemy, we don’t have to worry about the train strike and I get more time with my family.

However, last night I attended the Creative Writing Christmas Party. This year they presented a variation of Oedipus, titled Oedipus Wrecked. It contained food and snacks and drinks, all sorts of normal party stuff!

Except this is no normal Party

Last week I was struggling to remember why I loved them so much, I just knew that I did, but going there yesterday, I can tell you why.

We get to see our lectures, who we see as professionals in the craft we are aiming to build a career in, act unprofessional and unprepared (in a good and hilarious way).



The sock puppet chorus dies mid play!


The play starts off well and everything goes according to the script, then you hear one of the lecture’s curses. Already the class is in tears for this abnormal behaviour! We know someone messed up the play somewhere.

From the wrong character to the right character but wrong hat, we laughed at every mistake they made. I think the funniest part of the night was when the lecturers were waving the chorus around with, little drink holders for masks and a … weird, castle resembling a stage, when mid-show, the masks fell off, the socks fell out of the stage and onto the floor, and … I assumed, died, followed by a few more curse words!

In truth, if I had never studied Oedipus before this show, I would have had no idea what was supposed to happen because I was laughing so hard!

Then the show got some Freudian twist. A Sygmond Freud Sock was explaining how a man is sexually attracted to his mother, then a cardboard washing machine came out of nowhere… and the laundrette sock mistook Freud as the woodcutter!

A joke was made about how all that particular laundrette sock had only ever been in soap! It’s one of those cheesy jokes that makes you laugh anyway.

Then somewhere during one of my hysterical laughs, pops up a silver star and the socks debate the nature of the virgin mother who is going to give birth to a baby Jesus.

The night ended with our lecturers wishing us a Happy Christmas and heading to the remaining drinks on the table, while some of us and some of the lecturers told stories to the audience.

I read out an extract of my coursework pieces, it went well but wish I went for the none-scripted version now. maybe next time?

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the extract I read due to not submitting it yet, but once I have been given the grade, this post will be updated 😉

Now, I am just waiting for my arch enemy to realise I’ve won this battle, even if I haven’t won the war yet. Hope it’s gone by Monday and Tuesday as I need to go places…

I’d wish you a Merry Christmas, but I’m going to be posting stuff before Christmas- so I wish a Happy Shopping.

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