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I’m sitting here, deciding what to eat as I write this; probably not the best thing to do when you’re hungry. But it got me thinking about my kitchen stuff again and how I serve food when it is done.

So this is a blog about the serving methods my family have helped me learn.

Pasta & Vegetables

This one was tricky for me at first. Certain pasta (any spaghetti-type pasta) I cannot eat because I cannot pick it up with my spoon, so we already knew I’d need to cook tubed or shaped pasta but the problem was serving it.  Why?

Because straining water took two hands.

So dad and I browsed around shops until he found a chip-pan from Wilkos. We filled the saucepan with water and placed the pasta in the chip-pan and it worked as a treat. All I had to do was shake the pasta in the pan for a few seconds to make sure all the excess water was out and then pour it onto the plate.

Once we discovered this, we tried it with vegetables. This mostly works, but there will be a couple of peas or sweetcorn that falls out. For the vegetables, it is best to use frozen as it is already prepared.

Chips and Potatoes.

Sounds silly, I know. Most people would be able to use the spatula and place it on the plate, but I couldn’t at first because I cooked on a baking tray. So we searched for solutions again, but this time the solution was already in our kitchen.

A roasting tray.

The tray is deeper and so it pushes the chips or potatoes into the corner, allowing me to get them on the spatula and serve. This one didn’t take us too long to figure out as we could see that I found it easy to serve the fish, but not the chips.


Ugh, what a nuisance rice was. It needed to be strained but it couldn’t be placed in the basket, either because it wouldn’t be fully submerged or if I ever wanted to buy loose, it’d fall straight out.

Surprisingly though, there is an easier fix than I originally thought. Microwavable rice. Seriously, it’s the best. The downside is I always need someone who is willing to eat the other half of the portion with me … because the bags are big portions, but that’s another issue. I can at least cook and serve rice.

Mashed Potato

I have to use instant mashed potato because – well, I cant mash potatoes. I found mixing the content easy but serving it while it was still hot was difficult because most people use two hands and scrape it in gradually.

I don’t do that, I use a tablespoon, scrapping it into heaps and then plopping it on the plate.  It’s simple and works well

Then there is the trusty ol’ Kettle

I can’t think of any more ways I serve food differently but with the help of my family, I learned that not all solutions have to be some expensive adaptions, some things already exist that can help but are traditionally used for another purpose.

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