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Getting a Licence as a Disabled Person

Are you, or someone you know, learning to drive for the first time but have a disability? This post discusses the issues with getting a provisional licence if you are a first-time driver, tells you a way to get out of the loop of “you need a licence to be assessed and you need an assessment for a licence.” It also describes what you can expect at the assessment centre and where to go from there.


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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Little Sea Bear has just had it’s first birthday a little under 2 weeks ago. Over that time, the site has grown and developed along with me.  It has now been nominated to participate in the chain blogging exercise known as The Sunshine Blogger Award. The Sunshine Blogger Award is a chain that goes around blogging sites and participants nominate people to take part; people who they believe are creative, positive and inspirational.

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Cogheart by Peter Bunzl | Berg’s Book Club

Cogheart is a children’s steampunk novel by Peter Bunzl. It follows the adventures of Lily Hartman and her friend Robert, the clockmaker’s son as they flee from danger and search for answers about Lily’s father’s disappearance. It’s a light read, probably perfect for a child around the age of ten as it has a lot of universal issues, such as death, that are dealt with in a way that a ten-year-old…

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Bearing Disability: Cerebral Palsy Changing Temperatures

One thing I have noticed over the years is that as someone with Cerebral Palsy, I don’t do well in heat. And I suffer in cold.

My type of Cerebral Palsy is know as Right Hemiplegia. This means that my right side is affected and is prone to ache at random times in my life for unknown periods of time (I’ve had pain for three weeks at the time I am writing this post). However, it differs on the temperature front too.

This post is my experience with the changing temperatures with the seasons. Something I have not really seen talk about much in terms of disability.

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Series Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Originally posted on 酒吞童子:
Note: Like all of my reviews, this is spoiler free! If you haven’t read the series, then you’re free to read this review and see if it’s your cup of tea! It’s no secret that Percy Jackson and the Olympians will always be my favorite book series. I grew up with them, starting reading the when I was the main character, Percy’s, age. And they absolutely changed…

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Paws and Prose: Chekhov’s Gun

Originally posted on It’s Me, Lizzie!:
Hello writers! I’ve got another piece of writing advice for you today. Specifically, Chekhov’s gun—but also, Chekhov’s gum. You should be familiar with both sides. Many writers will be familiar with the dramatic principle of Chekhov’s gun. Specifically, it states that if you introduce a gun in Act 1, then the gun must be fired by Act 3. If you say in the…

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Applying for PIP: Our experience – part 1.

Originally posted on The Realm Of Silveryew:
Husband was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in August 2015. After receiving the confirmation, we knew this could help us as having the diagnosis confirmation would mean he could get more support such as through Remploy or through seeing a Disability Work Adviser at the *shudder* Jobcentre *shudder*. However it was not until this year that we were made aware by a family member…

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12 Key Tips to help you complete that dissertation: Guest Post by Urszula

Written by Urszula with contribution from other students Edited by Shannon While many people today are getting there #Ucas results, ready to start university—good luck everyone and congratulations to @lilymay23024 on her results— many other students are preparing for their dissertation. So with the help of Urszula and others, we have created a post to help anyone with dissertation nerves. Here’s Urszula’s 12 tips on: How to write your dissertation and […]

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Teeth by Chele Cooke| Berg’s Book Club

Book Title: Teeth: The First Bite Book Author: Chele Cooke Book Series: Teeth Series Number: Book #1 Genre: Fantasy, romance, YA, vampires First Published: December 2014 Star Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hi, and welcome to another Berg’s Book Club book review.  For those of you who do not know, Berg’s Book Club is posted every Tuesday. This week, I am reviewing Teeth by the author: Chele Cooke.   Like my other recent book reviews, this […]

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