Paws and Prose: My Script before Christmas

I’m really pleased with my script so far. I haven’t got to my target of five pages a day yet. Hopefully, after Christmas, I’ll be able to finish this ninety-page script. Here’s where I am now.

I’m currently on page six and have found lots of books on kindle unlimited about homemade candle making but none on the 1800s candle making, so I’ve mixed the information from the book I mentioned on Wednesday with the books I’ve found on homemade candles and paid the creative licence card.

Today, I’ve been trying to decide if my chandler has lost his investment because a ship from Europe sunk or because one of the British companies went bust. Here’s where Final Draft’s alternative dialogue is amazing. I’ve got a scene where one of my character’s friend is telling him about the loss and the three pieces of dialogue between them are written using that feature. One where he tells the chandler that the ship went down and one where he tells him a factory is bankrupt, still not sure which one to use yet.

However, this means that I can plough on with the screenplay and decide later on, rather than being stuck constantly between that point and then forget what I was going to change it to. It’s just great!

So far my chandler has been told the news and he is considering sending his son, who is the protagonist of the story, to work in a factory. The son is then going to have to try and survive and look after his baby brother.

I’ve just found out about Saint Monday and how factory workers just didn’t show up on Saint Monday but factory owners couldn’t do anything about it because too many workers did it.

I’m really excited to finish the story and I’m learning some interesting things in the process. Hopefully, my lecturer will like it just as much as I do.

Here’s some of the books I’ve looked at so far:

  • Candles The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Candle Making in 60 Minutes or Less
  • The Brief History of Candle Making
  • Britain: 1750-1900s

Not to mention an endless amount of screenwriting books… including Save the Cat.

What I’m planning to do is to get this script to 120 because I need to submit a ninety-page script, and then cut it down to ninety pages afterwards because it will mean I can then cut the bits that make the story weak.

I’m also going to use it for the thirty-page extract I have to do as well, but thirty pages are not as much as ninety and I have an idea for that one already, thanks to one of my modules this semester.

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My next post will probably be Christmas Eve if I have time, but if I don’t, have a lovely Christmas and thanks for reading. I wonder what my characters would do for Christmas…



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  1. i think this is amazing. i’m so interested in the writing journey you’re taking. i like the idea for writing 120 and cutting it later. that always gives you extra room to move around. best of luck!! and thanks. happy christmas to you too!

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