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I’ve been nominated for the Mixed Niche Bloggers Award by  THE WEEKLY INSIDERSo I’d like to thank them for the nomination.

The Mixed Niche Bloggers Award nominates bloggers that have at least two niches to appreciate their mixed topics – mine are Disability, Book Reviews, Student Life and Writing.

The Rules

Besides having mixed niches, the Nomination rules are as follows:

  1. I must have no more than 500 followers
  2. I must have five or more posts before the nomination
  3. I must thank my nominator for considering me by linking back to their website and the post where they nominated me.
  4. I must answer five questions that the blogger who nominated me has chosen.
  5. I need to ask five questions which will be answered by the bloggers I nominate
  6. I can nominate between five-ten mixed niche blogs for the award and comment on their blog to let hem know they have been nominated.
  7. I should mention two to four of my favourite posts within my niches.
  8. I should mention a favourite post written by the person who nominated me
  9. Comment on the post I marked as a favourite.

Questions The Weekly Insider asked:

 Why did you start blogging?

I started to blog because I realised that there aren’t many websites out their that talk about equipment for people with disabilities. There are websites like HemiHelp and AskSara but I find HemiHelp difficult to navigate and not that helpful.

AskSara is helpful and I have found equipment from it but it gives a list of equipment you can try without telling you how others in similar situations have found the information.

My blog aims to tell you how I have found some of the equipment I have found, whether with the help of Family and Friends or through AskSara. It is designed to give a personal touch and human feel rather than medical, which is one of the reasons I made it into a mixed niche.

Another Reason is I wanted people to know that I had interests that are not disabled related, but not take away the fact that disability is a major part of my life. That’s why if a book has a disabled character, little things annoy me and my own writing tends to have an outsider or disabled characters.

Do You plan your blog posts? if so, how?

The answer to this changes every week. I have started trying to plan—one of my weaknesses—but often, I choose a subject, maybe it’s from the news, and then write a post about that. Once written, I tend to schedule them based on whatever category they fall under.

Tuesdays tend to be my posts on book reviews, though I may share this with writing soon as I am struggling to do 4 posts continuously. It is either that or move my writing posts to Thursday and my posts on student life will be every other Sunday… I’ll have a think about that; especially as I am reaching the end of student life.

Currently, Thursday is posts on student life but may change to the writing posts—it would make sense too due to my degree being in the creative writing field.

Saturday is my slot for disability topics. These are the topics that I tend to get from the news if I am struggling for ideas, or topics from what is going in my own life relating to disability.

What goals do you have for next year?

I am participating in the Popsugar Reading Challenge, so reading 52 books is one of my plans. Berg will have plenty of books to enjoy, I’m sure.

Disability wise, I plan to continue with my exercises and wait for the dreaded letter of PIP (Personal Independent Plan), which can be anytime during 2018-2019 – as if Brexit wasn’t bad enough.

Student and writing wise, I’ll be starting my MA Writing for Performance in the autumn, where I’ll be writing scripts for film and TV. I’m also writing a 90 page script for my dissertation.

If you could meet a famous person from the past or present who would it be and why? 

This one is difficult. I’ve met many authors in the past and I’m not one of these celebrity followers, so I have no idea who I’d want to meet. I’m very fond of the tudor era – georgian era for some reason, so I guess anyone who could tell me more about living during those times. Especially someone who has worked in a blade mill in the 1800s as that is where a screenplay is set.

What are you passionate about. 

Family, they mean the world to me. I love writing and I keep up to date with what is happening in the world in terms of disability.

My Favourite Post on Little Sea Bear

Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles-This post is my first complete screenplay, so I am very fond of it. It’s worth a read and is a short film script of 15 minutes (15 pages).

Me & Cerebral Palsy – This post is about my disability and what it means to me.

Blame – Simon Mayo– I still believe this is the best YA book I’ve come across recently.

Berg’s Book Club – La Belle Sauvage– Who doesn’t love Phillip Pullman?

Favourite post from: The Weekly Insider 

I like old looking shops and am interested in history.

Blog Nominations

  1. It’s Me Lizzie: A mixed niche blog of book reviews, films, Five Nights at Freddies and more
  2. THE REALM OF SILVERYEW: A blog about living with a disabled husband, a cat and their lifestyle
  3. Catherine Meyrick: Author and book reviewer
  4. Stand Up Mag: A bit of everything
  5. Sophie – My Life: Disability and University
  6. Fem Feelings: A blog about mental health, writing and women issues

Your Questions

  • How did you start blogging?
  • Why are you writing in a niche?
  • What are your targets?
  • What do you enjoy most about your blog?
  • Is there a specific aim or style you are hoping for?

I hope you enjoyed my take on this blogging chain nomination. Do feel free to retweet and share. Also join my other followers on Twitter, Facebook or WordPress by pressing the follow button.


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No disability needed! Just an interest in disability and blogging.


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