I’m Back

Sorry for the long wait, Third Year of uni and coursework took so much time. Which is what you all want to hear, I’m sure.

It’s weird, I found the Second Year the hardest in terms of learning. There was so much theory and content to cover. There is in the Third Year too but I don’t know, maybe it’s the jump from the First Year to Second and knowing these grades actually count now?

I found that the Third Year was hard in another way. With the independent study, you don’t have the weekly class that guides and influences what you write, it is all your own input and I found this interesting and hard.

Interesting because there is no set limit except word count and the limit you set yourself. Hard because you have to realise the limit and never sure if you’ve been doing enough, too much or too little.

I’ve thoroughly have enjoyed my three years at the Universty of Derby and my degree and plan on continuing with a Masters in the autumn.

With the coursework out of the way (and my pending grades due any day), I now have time to work on my blog. I am thinking Tuesday’s for Berg’s Book Club – I have a few books that are just itching to be reviewed. Saturdays will be for anything interesting I find on the disability front.

I want to send an invite to my readers and say if you want to guest post, particularly if the post is related to disability, books, writing or student life, please contact me via the contact form

Next post is straws,

agriculture barley bread cereal

Photo by DESPIERRES Cécile on

No, not that kind of straw, the drinking straws.

In the meantime, feel free to comment your views on these straws.

See you Saturday.


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