Coach Catastrophy at the University

On Wednesday, I went to university to run my workshops. A workshop is a writer’s tool to improve your piece. I was getting ready to have a lunch break when my phone rings. I miss it because I’m in the library, but the person leaves a voicemail. They inform me that a coach has crashed into my car.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, it happened because my university was running an open day, which meant that the car park was full and overcrowded.

The prospective students get priority over current students and staff, which is unfair as student and staff have to rent their space. Unless they have a blue badge, but even then, you don’t have priority…

Usually, my car is parked in a disabled space, but because the disabled spaces were full, I was directed by a member of staff, into a space that the coaches usually park across, and unfortunately, this was the problem. As the coach tried to get away from the bays he parked in, he reversed into my poor fiesta.

Thankfully, Motability was very helpful. I was worried about calling them as the first time I had to claim on my insurance in September 2015, they were not very helpful.


My car is adapted. It has a lodgestons lollipop stick, twin flip accelerator and easy release handbrake. In 2015, they told me they were unable to provide me with a courtesy car because my car was adapted and did not offer any other form of transport help. However, they have managed to find a courtesy car that offers the same adaptions as my current car this time around.

It kind of makes me wonder whether they are less helpful if the accident is seen as your fault…


So on Tuesday, my poor fiesta is going to be taken away to be fixed, up near Ilkeston and I am going to get this strange car that I am not used to.

Thankfully, the lollipop stick will still have all of the same controls, which will mean that nothing much will change.

I suppose it will just mean I get to experience what another car is like. A good thing in a way as I have to exchange my car February 2018.

The rest of Wednesday, I talked to my lecturer while she was trying to sell the Creative Writing course to current students, and answered the questions any students had. The questions were usually based around whether to do single honours in Creative Writing or Film & TV studies if they want to do screenwriting.

I enjoyed talking to them and giving them information on the course, and I made my lecturer laugh which is always a good thing … I think.

Despite the accident – I love this university.


My courtesy car was a Hyundai and it was terrifying. Thankfully I didn’t need to use it for very long (a day). I now know what car I am not getting when I have to change, which can only be a good thing.

That is, if I am able to change. The new changes to the benefit system could mean that I am no longer entitled to my car. A worry of mine as it is my life-sourse. The only way I can socialise with others. But more on that in future posts.

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