Chekhov’s Gun Theory — A celebrative reblog

Today is Little Sea Bear’s Birthday. That’s right! My site is officially one years old! So, I am reblogging this post written by Lizzie on It’s Me, Lizzie. Chekhov’s Gun Theory. This theory can be applied to writing, film and TV. Undoubtibly more.

But why am I posting about Chekhov’s Gun Theory?

To celebrate Little Sea Bear’s Birthday, I want to announce the return of posts discussing writing. Writing theory, writing projects, writing in general.

But I have an issue that I am hoping you wonderful people can help me with… The writing section needs a name!

Currently, I have all of my sections bear related, such as Bearing Disability, Berg’s Book Club, but they both have the letter B in common too. I would love to keep the B-Bear relation going but don’t think it will work. We can try, though, right?

What name suggestions do you have for the writing discussions?

It can start with a B OR be Bear related or both.

In the meantime, to add to the celebration, I would love to share this post written by Lizzie.

Chekhov’s Gun theory is just one of my favourites!

Update: a facebook poll voted for Paws and Prose.

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