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Mothers Day and Feet

In the UK, it is mother’s day today. On Friday, I went around my university city with my mom. We went to cafes, the arcade, a bit of window shopping and stayed out until 9pm. I introduced mom to her first mocktail and we learned to never eat at Five Guys. Five Guys is a fast food place like KFC, McDonalds and Burger King, they style their restaurants to imitate America and make […]

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Christmas Party!!!

It’s nearly Christmas and my uni breaks up next week, every year they throw a Christmas party… with Sock Puppets. I’m really excited to see what they have in store for us this year! Sock puppets! I know, random right? During my first year, it was a sock-puppet version of Little Red Riding Hood. It was hilarious. Not to mention, our lecturers were looking as if they were enjoying it […]

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New York Food

My dad and I went to New York in April, 2017. Obviously, we had to have something to eat, right? So this is what this post is about. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner in New York City. With misunderstanding of no-egg breakfasts and customisable food, an unexpected race and the price of the food, this post is perfect for anyone thinking of traveling to New York in the future. Watch out for those large pizzas!

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