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Mothers Day and Feet

In the UK, it is mother’s day today. On Friday, I went around my university city with my mom. We went to cafes, the arcade, a bit of window shopping and stayed out until 9pm. I introduced mom to her first mocktail and we learned to never eat at Five Guys. Five Guys is a fast food place like KFC, McDonalds and Burger King, they style their restaurants to imitate America and make […]

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Christmas Party!!!

It’s nearly Christmas and my uni breaks up next week, every year they throw a Christmas party… with Sock Puppets. I’m really excited to see what they have in store for us this year! Sock puppets! I know, random right? During my first year, it was a sock-puppet version of Little Red Riding Hood. It was hilarious. Not to mention, our lecturers were looking as if they were enjoying it […]

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New York Food

Old New York had a Bar, with a crack, crack here and a crack, crack there I hate egg and my dad is allergic but New York struggles with the concept of an egg-free breakfast. Most of our breakfast mornings started with us trying to find a place that would serve food without egg. Believe me my fellow Brits, it is a hard task, even the bread is dipped in […]

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