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A Recently Distant Cinema Visit

Recently, a friend of mine posted a link to this article on her facebook page. It discusses the discrimination disabled people face when getting to venues for concerts, live performances, etc. And it seems the same thing kind of happens in cinemas – just not as bad. I mean, unlike these venues, we do have the CEA card when booking to see a film, which allows us to prebook a […]

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Mothers Day and Feet

In the UK, it is mother’s day today. On Friday, I went around my university city with my mom. We went to cafes, the arcade, a bit of window shopping and stayed out until 9pm. I introduced mom to her first mocktail and we learned to never eat at Five Guys. Five Guys is a fast food place like KFC, McDonalds and Burger King, they style their restaurants to imitate America and make […]

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Blame Hitler

It’s funny what memories come back to you and when. Yesterday I was in the Bullring, dad and I were talking about how bad the traffic in Birmingham is getting – mostly to do with road works, and then I remembered May 2017. 16th May 2017 there was a World War II bomb in Birmingham, not just in Birmingham but near the main north road in and out of the city. […]

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I am in my final year at the University of Derby and so have been looking at MA’s in Screenwriting. My lecturer recommended Manchester, saying that it had a good reputation for a new degree. I looked at other universities besides Derby and Manchester but didn’t find the others as interesting so I decided to go on a Master’s open day for Manchester and Derby. Manchester’s was this Wednesday. Dad and […]

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What is PHAB Camp? PHAB Camp is a charity that means a lot to me and I’ll never forget it. When I was sixteen, I was going through a difficult time and my school suggested that I took a week holiday over the summer with this charity. So I did.  That, at the time, was my longest stay away from home. PHAB Camp is a charity that takes disabled and able-bodied […]

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Central Park

I know this is my third post on New York, but it’s a massive place and we did a lot. The cruises were fantastic, the trip to Ellis Island was educational and insightful, and the museums were a wonder. Central Park was amazing too. We hired a model sailboat and I spent my half hour making it spin in circles, slowly moving away from me to the other side of […]

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New York Food

Old New York had a Bar, with a crack, crack here and a crack, crack there I hate egg and my dad is allergic but New York struggles with the concept of an egg-free breakfast. Most of our breakfast mornings started with us trying to find a place that would serve food without egg. Believe me my fellow Brits, it is a hard task, even the bread is dipped in […]

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New York – The Street and NY Pass

Date of visit: 20th April 2017- 28th April 2017 It is true what they say, New York’s sky is starless. The light pollution creates a blanket of light grey sky overnight but what an amazing city. It was a long, ‘eight-hour’ journey. We flew from Birmingham to Germany to JFK. This wasn’t too bad. The food on Lufthansa was actually really nice and I spent most of the hours learning how […]

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