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Moving in – student halls

Today, I’ll be discussing my experience living with halls and my excitement with my new halls. And it is exciting. I moved into halls on Saturday and I have a good feeling about this year. It doesn’t feel like my other two halls, where I have had a few bad experiences.  It feels like a proper flat (apartment), I mean it actually has a washing machine! And I will be with a friend. All good things. 


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12 Key Tips to help you complete that dissertation: Guest Post by Urszula

Written by Urszula with contribution from other students Edited by Shannon While many people today are getting there #Ucas results, ready to start university—good luck everyone and congratulations to @lilymay23024 on her results— many other students are preparing for their dissertation. So with the help of Urszula and others, we have created a post to help anyone with dissertation nerves. Here’s Urszula’s 12 tips on: How to write your dissertation and […]

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Paws and Prose: Responsible Writing

One of my modules this semester is looking at whether an author is responsible for what they write and to what degree. It has been interesting so far, we have been looking at authors like Oscar Wilde who believe that writing is just beautiful, Faulkner who believed it was personal and universal and Orwell who believed it was political. This week, we looked at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Look Who’s Back and The […]

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Blame Hitler

It’s funny what memories come back to you and when. Yesterday I was in the Bullring, dad and I were talking about how bad the traffic in Birmingham is getting – mostly to do with road works, and then I remembered May 2017. 16th May 2017 there was a World War II bomb in Birmingham, not just in Birmingham but near the main north road in and out of the city. […]

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Writing and the New Semester

I know I haven’t been posting about my writing recently, but that means I have been busy – Right? I feel I have been busy anyway. In this post, I will give you an update my screenwriting, final draft and the new semester. Final Draft and Screenwriting I’m still using Final Draft and it is great. I have gotten to 30 pages of my 90-page script, so I am a third […]

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Disability at University

I think I’m lucky. The University of Derby takes disability into an enormous amount of consideration, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect; they still have to stop their delivery vans from blocking disabled bays, but they’re very supportive. When you look at universities, there should be a Disability Team that walks you through all the support that they can offer you. Each Uni is different and so is every experience. However, […]

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Choosing a University

Three years ago I applied to the University of Derby, but it wasn’t something I spent ten minutes deciding. I probably spent well over a year at looking at universities, starting in the winter of my AS year at college. I have Cerebral Palsy – so not only did I have to look for a university that was right for my chosen subject, but one that was right for my […]

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DSA Assesment – my second journey

Hi guys, sorry for not posting on Friday and Sunday, I’ve been a little busy. Today’s post is about DSA. DSA is the abbreviation of Disabled Student Allowance. When I first started university, I had the DSA assessment and was given a bunch of equipment. Some helpful, some not so much, but appreciated all the same. My first year went successful (on the academic part, anyway). However, in second year I noticed […]

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Paws and Prose: My Script before Christmas

I’m really pleased with my script so far. I haven’t got to my target of five pages a day yet. Hopefully, after Christmas, I’ll be able to finish this ninety-page script. Here’s where I am now. I’m currently on page six and have found lots of books on kindle unlimited about homemade candle making but none on the 1800s candle making, so I’ve mixed the information from the book I […]

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