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The Permanent Bow

Recently, I told you the ways that I spend my DLA Care Component. This post gives a perfect example. Shoelaces. Most people – most adults – can tie their own shoes. They can wear whatever shoes they like, such as heels, trainers (sneakers), boots, etc. I cannot. The shoes that I have to wear has to support my ankle, tie up tightly and have strong soles – this limits me to […]

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DSA Assesment – my second journey

Hi guys, sorry for not posting on Friday and Sunday, I’ve been a little busy. Today’s post is about DSA. DSA is the abbreviation of Disabled Student Allowance. When I first started university, I had the DSA assessment and was given a bunch of equipment. Some helpful, some not so much, but appreciated all the same. My first year went successful (on the academic part, anyway). However, in second year I noticed […]

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Bad-Hair Day? Make Life Easier

Happy New Years Eve! I hope you all have had a wonderful year, I know I have. I like New Year because it marks the middle of winter, meaning spring is on the horizon. Yes! I’ve got to say, winter is my least favourite season because Cerebral Palsy and cold do not mix well. So, with spring and new year on the way, let’s talk about Personal Care. Only being […]

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Serving Food

I’m sitting here, deciding what to eat as I write this; probably not the best thing to do when you’re hungry. But it got me thinking about my kitchen stuff again and how I serve food when it is done. So this is a blog about the serving methods my family have helped me learn. Pasta & Vegetables This one was tricky for me at first. Certain pasta (any spaghetti-type […]

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Duvet, Pegs and One Hand

I’ve not hidden that I have cerebral palsy. As you can probably imagine, it does bring challenges to my life. They are usually around tasks that are typically done with two hands. So I have to be very creative to be independence. Most of my creativity takes place in the kitchen as you may have seen last week when I cooked a roast dinner one-handed, this week I am going to […]

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Roast Dinner One-hand challenge

Originally I was going to make my bed one-handed but the video didn’t go well, it’ll be filmed one day. So I decided to show you how to cook a roast one-handed instead. My friend, Lizzie, suggested setting a challenge to see if anyone else can cook a roast one-handed. Feel free to accept this challenge. Just to make this fun, if you fail the challenge, you have to nominate five […]

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This post was written by a good friend of mine, Sophie. She often blogs about the struggles of a disabled student’s life. ASK JULES’ – AGENCY ENABLING STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES TO GO TO UNIVERSITY, GIVING THEM THE CRUCIAL LEVEL OF SUPPORT BEFORE AND DURING UNIVERSITY. As part of my open day at Southampton Solent University, I viewed an adapted room, similar to one, which I would be living in. The girl whose […]

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