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Serving Food

I’m sitting here, deciding what to eat as I write this; probably not the best thing to do when you’re hungry. But it got me thinking about my kitchen stuff again and how I serve food when it is done. So this is a blog about the serving methods my family have helped me learn. Pasta & Vegetables This one was tricky for me at first. Certain pasta (any spaghetti-type […]

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Roast Dinner One-hand challenge

Originally I was going to make my bed one-handed but the video didn’t go well, it’ll be filmed one day. So I decided to show you how to cook a roast one-handed instead. My friend, Lizzie, suggested setting a challenge to see if anyone else can cook a roast one-handed. Feel free to accept this challenge. Just to make this fun, if you fail the challenge, you have to nominate five […]

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Lid Superglued Shut

Everyone has had that one jar or bottle that cannot be opened by hand, whether you are disabled or not. Because of my weakness in my right hand, I get that a lot so I started to joke that the shops like to superglue the lids to their containers but there is equipment out there that makes it easier for you. The downfall, trying new equipment gets expensive, especially if the […]

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