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Glasdrum | Berg’s Book Club

I know this is a little late – I had someone reverse into my car (more on that on Friday). Welcome to the first of Berg’s Book Club. Today, I will be reviewing Fiona Macbain’s Glasdrum. Fiona has grown as a writer since her first book, Daughter, Disappeared and I enjoyed the read. The writing style is third person limited, but from the point of view of several characters and […]

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Berg’s Book Club

I wanted to give my book reviews a club name, so I decided to name it after my polar bear, Berg. Polar Bears are my favourite animal, ever since Chris De Lacey’s book Ice Fire. The way he wrote them made me fall in love with these creatures because I felt there was a connection between us. When I was 17, my dad bought me Berg, and now if I stay […]

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Room | Berg’s Book Club

This book has an amazing and interesting plot. The narrator is a five-year-old boy, who’s never seen the outside world. I loved this book. Loved the characters and how the majority of the book takes place in one location. The “Room”. The two protagonists are being held captive there. Born and raised in a single room, Jack has never been outside so Emma Donoghue catches his tone of voice and view […]

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Daughter, Disappeared! | Berg’s Book Club

This is my first book request from the author of the book! A thank you to Fiona MacBain for this opportunity. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high expectations for this book. The title, Daughter, Disappeared just seemed like an awkward phrase and after reading the book I still think it deserves a better title. However, I liked the storyline and plot a lot. The story is essentially about a mother […]

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Blame | Berg’s Book Club

This world is believable and scarily enough, something that I could actually see this happening 50-60 years down the line. Why did I not think of this plot! It is amazing. The characters are well-rounded and leap from the page, you can really get a sense of the protagonist, Ant. She’s scary, witty, intelligent, tough and a rebel, but her motivation is her little nerdy, scaredy-cat brother, Mattie. Nothing else […]

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