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Ballet Shoes | Berg’s Book Club

Welcome to another edition of Berg’s Book Club where you join Berg the Polar Bear and myself as I review my recent reads. This week, it is Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. Some of you may remember that I am attempting to participate in the Popsugar reading list of 2018. I admit it looks like I am not going to exceed in reading all 52 books in this prompt but one […]

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“Eragon” (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) by Christopher Paolini Book Review | The Sunday Review

Originally posted on It’s Me, Lizzie!:
After some downtime, the Sunday Review is back with a vengeance! A … fairly gentle vengeance, but a vengeance. Today, we’ll be taking a look at something which is fairly nostalgic for me, and which holds a lot of weight as something to endlessly rant about. Yes, we’ll be looking at that classic in the realm of hatedom: Christopher Paolini’s Eragon. It’s got swords.…

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Fearless | Berg’s Book Club

 It’s not often I give a book five stars, but this book I have loved since secondary school (High School). Why do I love it? Tim Lott is able to create believable characters from the get-go, I’ll explain more but first, here is a short synopsis of the plot. City Community Faith School is an institution purporting to be a girl only boarding school. No one visits and children do […]

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Diablo | Berg’s Book Club

I hope you love horses just as much as my friend’s ten-year-old because this week I am reviewing a book. The book review of Diablo was requested by its Australian author, Fallacious Rose and it is a children’s story about a naughty horse who wants to take over the world. This is a change from last week where I reviewed a reimagined fairy tale of Cinderella with the book title –  The […]

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Boys Don’t Cry | Berg’s Book Club

As usual with Malorie Blackman, this book deals with issues that people face on a daily basis due to society. In this case, the story focuses on two teenagers, Dante and Adam. Dante is awaiting his university results when his ex-girlfriend, Melanie pays a visit – with her is an infant. Melanie states that she needs to go to the shops and will be back soon. Already, Malorie has turned […]

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Berg’s Book Club

I wanted to give my book reviews a club name, so I decided to name it after my polar bear, Berg. Polar Bears are my favourite animal, ever since Chris De Lacey’s book Ice Fire. The way he wrote them made me fall in love with these creatures because I felt there was a connection between us. When I was 17, my dad bought me Berg, and now if I stay […]

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