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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Little Sea Bear has just had it’s first birthday a little under 2 weeks ago. Over that time, the site has grown and developed along with me.  It has now been nominated to participate in the chain blogging exercise known as The Sunshine Blogger Award. The Sunshine Blogger Award is a chain that goes around blogging sites and participants nominate people to take part; people who they believe are creative, positive […]

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Cogheart by Peter Bunzl | Berg’s Book Club

Cogheart is a children’s steampunk novel by Peter Bunzl. It follows the adventures of Lily Hartman and her friend Robert, the clockmaker’s son as they flee from danger and search for answers about Lily’s father’s disappearance. It’s a light read, probably perfect for a child around the age of ten as it has a lot of universal issues, such as death, that are dealt with in a way that a ten-year-old…

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I’m Back

Sorry for the long wait, Third Year of uni and coursework took so much time. Which is what you all want to hear, I’m sure. It’s weird, I found the Second Year the hardest in terms of learning. There was so much theory and content to cover. There is in the Third Year too but I don’t know, maybe it’s the jump from the First Year to Second and knowing these […]

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The Mixed Niche Bloggers Award

I’ve been nominated for the Mixed Niche Bloggers Award by  THE WEEKLY INSIDER. So I’d like to thank them for the nomination. The Mixed Niche Bloggers Award nominates bloggers that have at least two niches to appreciate their mixed topics – mine are Disability, Book Reviews, Student Life and Writing. The Rules Besides having mixed niches, the Nomination rules are as follows: I must have no more than 500 followers I must have five […]

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Site Building

As an aspiring screenwriter and an undergraduate student in Creative and Professional Writing, I am part of some creative writing groups. One of them is connected to my university and one of the members were looking for tips on portfolios, blogs and websites.  After a conversation, she suggested I make a post about the three kinds of sites we talked about. Portfolio, Website and Blog. Portfolio When someone says they have […]

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Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition award—which is a blogging chain that encourages you to post about why you started your blog and provide two pieces of advice to new bloggers. I think this is good because I know that I have strayed from the reason I created this blog and remembering how it began might help me get back on track. It might also help new bloggers…

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Site update

This post is about site improvements that are hopefully coming in the future, including more on my Disability content to build awareness, give news and influence the view of disabled people. Who knows, maybe the stereotypes can slowly be changed. I am hoping the update will also be informative to people with disabilities.

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