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The Kitchen

This is all about cooking with a disability, my experience and the equipment that I use

Serving Food

I’m sitting here, deciding what to eat as I write this; probably not the best thing to do when you’re hungry. But it got me thinking about my kitchen stuff again and how I serve food when it is done. So this is a blog about the serving methods my family have helped me learn. Pasta & Vegetables This one was tricky for me at first. Certain pasta (any spaghetti-type […]

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The Trusty Ol’ Kettle

Being British, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love a good cup of tea with two spoonfuls of sugar. But a few years ago, I struggled to open the lid from kettles, particularly if I was refilling a freshly boiled one. For one thing, it was heavy, and another I couldn’t grab the lid that well. It often took me a few minutes to pull the lid apart and fill it […]

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Roast Dinner One-hand challenge

Originally I was going to make my bed one-handed but the video didn’t go well, it’ll be filmed one day. So I decided to show you how to cook a roast one-handed instead. My friend, Lizzie, suggested setting a challenge to see if anyone else can cook a roast one-handed. Feel free to accept this challenge. Just to make this fun, if you fail the challenge, you have to nominate five […]

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