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Adapted Driving

Getting a Licence as a Disabled Person

Are you, or someone you know, learning to drive for the first time but have a disability? This post discusses the issues with getting a provisional licence if you are a first-time driver, tells you a way to get out of the loop of “you need a licence to be assessed and you need an assessment for a licence.” It also describes what you can expect at the assessment centre and where to go from there.


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Bearing Disability: The Blue Badge Scheme

This post will discuss two Blue Badge related topics. The first topic is the changes to the Blue Badge Scheme that are due to take place in 2019—which will include the current eligibility, the proposed eligibility and what the changes mean. The second topic is about how the system works in terms of car parks and the PIP disability benefits which cause a disadvantage in the scheme. Hopefully, this will build […]

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Bearing Disability: Parking

If you have a disability that affects your right side, you are more than likely to see the physical barriers in any multi-story car-park as you struggle to enter the venue, reach over yourself to press the ticket button or in some cases, you or another person will get out the car. This post will look at how car parks make it difficult for disabled people to access a venue and how they can become more disabled-friendly.

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