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Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin | Berg’s Book Club

Book Title: ElsewhereAuthor: Gabrielle ZevinGenre: Children’s LiteraturePublished: September 2005Publisher:Square Fish Short Synopsis. Fifteen-year-old Liz Hall is in Elsewhere. The place is where people end up after they have died, it mirrors the earth – only people age backwards until they are a baby again. Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin is a book that […]

Ship in storm

Paws and Prose: Pirate by Blood Writing Project

Some of you may remember that I was working on a project for Nanowrimo in November called Pirate by Blood. I am still working on it, but feel it would be a great TV series, so I am working on the pilot, which I hope to get completed […]

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Newsletter & competitions: A Little Sea Bear Site Update

Hi folks, just to let you know, I am doing some site updating. WordPress has added some pretty cool blocks to the editor that I am excited to try out. So far, I have done an About page that I am happy with! It even has a newsletter. […]

"The Seven Basic Plots" with seven books

Paws and Prose: The Seven Basic Plots

The Seven Basic plots is a theory by Christopher Booker. Essentially, he believes that their are seven plots that a story can fit into. Any story. All stories. So what are these seven plots? 1. Rags to Riches The title of this plot doesn’t leave much to the […]

Bearing Disability: Spoons Emotional Bandwidth Reblog

I only heard of the ‘spoons’ metaphor a few years ago. The spoons represent energy. It goes something like this. Each person has a set number of spoons, let’s say for this article, everyone has ten spoons a day. Often, an able-boded person is able to get by […]

Bearing Disability —Dr Who: Ryan’s Vanishing Disability

Please be aware that this post will contain spoilers. The topic of this post makes it hard for spoilers to not be included. It will look at Series 11 and the opening episodes of Series 12, with a focus on Ryan. Now, I’m not going to bother explaining […]

Third Person Pronouns shape a person

Paws and Prose: The Third Person Narrative

Third Person is a great writing tool, but did you know that it is split into sub-narrations? This post discusses these narrations and how to use them. I consider myself more of a screenwriter than a prose writer, but I do write prose. One of the hardest decisions […]

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