Book Reviews & Workshopping

I am opening my website to book review requests from authors and workshopping of unpublished work.

The Book Reviews will be posted on my website within 4-6 weeks of receiving the book if it is accepted, I will notify you when this happens.

However, unpublished work will not be published. You will get suggestions on how to improve your story, essay, article or non-fiction piece sent back to you within 4-6 weeks once it is accepted.

I have experience with workshopping stories due to my BA course and will give detailed feedback and suggestions.

What is workshopping?

It is reading someone else’s work while it is still in the early stages or near publication, telling the author what you think works and what you think could make the piece better. You also tell them what does work, and perhaps give some reading suggestions to have a look at.

I am offering these services to writers. You can expect to receive detailed and helpful criticism on your work. I will provide suggestions on how to improve your piece, highlight what works, and suggest books I think may help or inspire your piece. I am not a proofreader or editor, so while I may point to obvious grammar mistakes, I will not change any of your work for you.

This leaves you to reflect on the suggestions given and choose whether to listen to the advice fully, partially or not at all.

I will read any fiction piece and some non-fiction pieces – you will receive a .notification if I accept your work.

Use the request form to send an email and I will reply so you can upload and submit.

Note to my fellow students, this does not include the workshops I run in the library.




£5 per A4 page

Workshop submissions need to be double-spaced, size 12 and Palatino Linotype. I will only do short stories or specific chapters as long as the piece does not succeed 15 pages.

Book reviews (only authors are charged):

The reason I charge authors for your book review is that you are asking for advertisement by requesting a book review. People who are not the author of the book will not be charged.

Under 275 pages/ 10 hours Audio: £5

Between 275-399/ 10-19 Audio: £15

Between 400-550 / 20-29 Audio: £25

Above 550 pages/ 29 hours audio: £35

If an audio file is an option, I would prefer that to be sent rather than a PDf, E-book, or Print but will read all forms.

I will send a PayPal invoice once I have accepted your work

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