Blame Hitler

It’s funny what memories come back to you and when. Yesterday I was in the Bullring, dad and I were talking about how bad the traffic in Birmingham is getting – mostly to do with road works, and then I remembered May 2017.

16th May 2017 there was a World War II bomb in Birmingham, not just in Birmingham but near the main north road in and out of the city. That day, I had an award ceremony at the University of Derby as part of my role as College and Programme rep but most of the main roads out of Birmingham were closed because of the bomb!

That didn’t stop us from trying to get there though. At first, we met a closed road at every turn we took, it looked like there was no way we would be able to travel north. All the trains going north were cancelled, cars couldn’t leave the city and everywhere was a gridlock but my dad has a mental map of the city and all roads leading out of it, it’s amazing. But we weren’t sure if we could get to Derby in time.

I remember thinking that if we were late, I was going to say to the student union – Blame Hitler – because when there is a world war II bomb in your city that causes absolute chaos, who else can you blame?

I mean, it was Hitler’s idiotic attempt to make the perfect race that led to the war and the bombs in the first place. I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of blaming someone for something they did over 70 years ago but the scary thing is – the war is still affecting us, even now we haven’t fully recovered from the effects.

Dad decided to try one more route out of the city – a route he hadn’t used in years so wasn’t sure if it was still there, let alone open. But it was, and we left Birmingham. There was a black cloud of smoke in the shape of a tornado – It looked pretty cool to be honest.

So, off we were to Derby. We arrived on time, and I received my award. Hitler had lost once again.


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