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Now you might be thinking why bother read my blog? But my blog covers a range of topics. I have Cerebral Palsy, am a book nerd, a writer and a student and so this is what my blog covers. Not only that, the disability side of my blog highlights that my disability doesn't mke me who I am, it is just a part of me.

Bearing Disability: Getting Things Moving

Carrying weight has always been a problem for me. I have to consider it all the time when I’m shopping. Most people don’t think about popping to the shops and filling a bag with groceries, but often, I struggle to carry a bag of groceries that contain the bare necessities: milk, bread, a tin or two and cooking sauces – so when I have to make a big trip to the shops it is always a struggle. However, I have some tricks and tips.

Lid Superglued Shut: Opening A Jar One-handed

You know the situation. You fancied that bolognese sauce that you have stuffed in a jar, or that nice Balti Curry, in a jar, at the back of your cupboard. You get it out, you twist the lid and…. the lid doesn’t move. You try again and again and again. You just can’t get that lid off and the more you try, your palms sweat. You pass it to someone else and they open it.

Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition award—which is a blogging chain that encourages you to post about why you started your blog and provide two pieces of advice to new bloggers. I think this is good because I know that I have strayed from the reason I created this blog and remembering how it began might help me get back on track. It might also help new bloggers…

Daughter, Disappeared! By Fiona MacBain | Berg’s Book Club

As the title of this book suggests, this is a story about the disappearance of the main character’s daughter. Daughter Disappeared by Fiona MacBain is a multi-narrative, young Adult psychological thriller that explores the potential dangers of family secrets and the consequences of lying. However, it also touches upon some controversial subjects and has a lot of coincidences while also showing potential in the author’s future work.

The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson| Berg’s Book Club

The Longest Whale Song is another Children’s Book by author, Jaqueline Wilson. It follows the story of a young girl, Ella, as her mother is taken into hospital after giving birth to her little brother. It is an emotionally gripping story that deals with unexpected illness in a way children can understand and is such a relief after my experience with Midnight. I feel that Wilson’s usual story progression is seen….

Central Park in New York

My dad and I visited new York in April 2017, we went to many attractions and venues, we went to many attractions and venues, including the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, all with the help from the New York Pass.We went on cruises, some of which came with the appeal of food and took an educational trip to Ellis Island—which was just insightful. Then there were the museums,  the evolution of humans in The Natural History but we still had time for Central Park. 

Student Freshers Fortnight and Societies

Freshers. The first two weeks of university life where everyone is a stranger. In an unfamiliar setting. All searching for their place. Many, if not most, hit the bar. They get themselves drunk. Plastered so much that when they go to the induction the next day, their head is spinning and they have no memory what happened the night before or in induction. To lots of students, this is their perfect idea of fun! 

Midnight | Berg’s Book Club

Jacqueline Wilson is a well-known children’s author. With over 100 books published, many of which are outstanding, it is understandable that some of her books will be under her normal standards and not what we expect from this normally amazing children’s writer. That is the case today as I review her book, Midnight, a story about emotional abuse, a teenage girl’s obsessions with fairies and running away from home.

Bearing Disability: Parking

If you have a disability that affects your right side, you are more than likely to see the physical barriers in any multi-story car-park as you struggle to enter the venue, reach over yourself to press the ticket button or in some cases, you or another person will get out the car. This post will look at how car parks make it difficult for disabled people to access a venue and how they can become more disabled-friendly.

Time-travelling Sleep!

Let me tell you a story. One that will either make you laugh or question my sanity and it has to do with the first week of living in student accommodation (student halls). One student, a saucepan of sweetcorn and a loud, unfamiliar noice in this setting convinced a half-asleep me that I had travelled back into time but without the aid of a police phone-box camouflaged Tardis or a time turner.

Site Update on Little Sea Bear

This post is about site improvements that are hopefully coming in the future, including more on my Disability content to build awareness, give news and influence the view of disabled people. Who knows, maybe the stereotypes can slowly be changed. I am hoping the update will also be informative to people with disabilities.

Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern | Berg’s Book Club

Welcome to Berg’s Book Club where I will be reviewing the Teen and Young Adult novel, Amy and Matthew (or Say What You Will) by Cammie McGovern. This book is a romance story about disabled protagonists but quiet unlike any that I have read before, including Me before you. It is a light-hearted story full of twists and turns, characters who are not only disabled but also human and full of personality, and the struggles of that weird teenage/adult stage of life.

New York Food

My dad and I went to New York in April, 2017. Obviously, we had to have something to eat, right? So this is what this post is about. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner in New York City. With misunderstanding of no-egg breakfasts and customisable food, an unexpected race and the price of the food, this post is perfect for anyone thinking of traveling to New York in the future. Watch out for those large pizzas!