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Now you might be thinking why bother read my blog? But my blog covers a range of topics. I have Cerebral Palsy, am a book nerd, a writer and a student and so this is what my blog covers. Not only that, the disability side of my blog highlights that my disability doesn't mke me who I am, it is just a part of me.

Save the Cat | Berg’s Book Club

Save the Cat! No, not a real one. Save the Cat is a book for aspiring screenwriters, with useful information on how to write a screenplay. I mean it has to be useful or it doesn’t fill its purpose really, does it? For my independent project in Creative Writing, I have chosen to write a 60 page TV show or 90-page screenplay. So over the summer, I bought half a dozen or so books based on writing for screen and TV.

Site Building and What You Need To Know!

Want to create your own website? Maybe you are like me, a writer who wants to share your thoughts, not only on writing but on other things too—current affairs, films, travel. Or maybe you want to get people to a venue you hire on a regular basis, maybe you are trying to sell your creations and you feel that a website would be a great source to use. But where do you start?