3 Types of Antagonist: Bad Guys that Interest the Audience

Characters are important to any story. If a character is poorly constructed, then the plot falls apart, but a well-constructed character brings the story to life. They can become core to the world that the protagonist lives in without being the protagonists themselves. They could be the antagonist or a supporting role. But they must be believable.

Join Lizzie from the blog, It’s Me Lizzie as they discuss three types of antagonists whose believable character construction can leave you so terrified you hide behind your sofa!

Characters like Professor Dolores Umbridge and Walter White are probably on the top of this scale. Both of these characters are so villainous in a good, believable way, that they are actually good, constructed characters!

So, if you are finding that your antagonist is just not pulling its weight, then do, please do, have a look at Lizzie’s 3 Types of Antagonist: Bad Guys that Will Interest the Audience post below!

And don’t forget to come back and read this post about character construction— Paw and Prose: Creating Character.


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