2019 Berg’s Book Club Reading Prompts

This post is written by LilyMay and Shannon.

We have been inspired by the pop-sugar reading challenge. The challenge is where you read a book that fits into one prompt on a list for each week of the year. LilyMay and I really enjoy participating. Although we rarely have the time to complete the list, it is fun to try.

We wanted to create one for Berg’s Book Club too, feel free to join in and please feel free to participate in both challenges. We are splitting Berg’s Book Club reading prompts into two groups, one for adults and one for children, again participate in more than one challenge if you wish, the rules may differ slightly for the children’s challenge.

The challenge will start on 1st January and end 31st December. It needs a catchy name I think. one that is less of a mouthful than Berg’s Book Club Reading Prompts so suggestions are more than welcome.

If one of the challenges is not applicable for any reason, feel free to take one from the other challenge.



  • One prompt per book
  • The Advanced challenge is not completed unless the easy, medium and hard challenge is complete by the end of the year.
  • any book started in 2018 but is finished in 2019 is counted as a book read in 2019
  • suggest books to others who are also doing the challenge if they are stuck
  • be friendly
  • have fun and enjoy yourselves.


  • Multiple books per challenge can be counted if the child wishes.
  • have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Adult’s Reading Challenge


  1. A book with a title that ends with your first initial.
    • E.G ours would be: S – Ballet Shoes; L – Clockwork Angel
    • For extremely difficult names (Juliet, Quinn) use the next consonant in your name, so for Juliet, it will be L, and for Quinn, it would be N)
  2. A book you didn’t read in school that others have.
  3. A short story
  4. The first book in a trilogy
  5. A book by an author you have been avoiding
  6. A Fairy Tale
  7. A book that is a piece of metafiction
  8. A graphic novel
  9. A book recommended by someone in a bookstore
  10. A book that was published the year you were born.
  11. A book that is at least 150 years old


  1. A detective book
  2. A book that was written under a pseudonym
  3. A true story made into a tv series/film
  4. An author whose name is alliteration.
  5. A book in a genre you do not normally read
  6. An audiobook
  7. A book with a disabled character
  8. A non-fiction book
  9. A book with a female protagonist
  10. A book where a character relives their past


  1. A book that is at least 700 pages long
  2. Realist fiction
  3. An epistolary book
  4. A book where the author’s name is alliteration
    • does not include middle names
  5. a book with a protagonist of a different ethnicity to you
  6. A book adapted for cinema in 2019
  7. A Booker prize book


  1. A book bought from a blind book sale
  2. A book you have read about
  3. A book your friend/s won’t stop going on and on and on about
  4. A book about or set in your city
  5. A magical realism book
  6. A book featuring trains
  7. A book containing polar bears (for Berg)

Kid’s challenge


  1. A book with a mythical animal
  2. A graphic novel
  3. A book set in another world
  4. A book about time travel
  5. A book written by an author whose surname starts with N
  6. A book recommended by your teacher
  7.  A book where the protagonist is called Tom
  8. A Fairy Tale
  9. A book where the animals talk


  1. A book about a garden
  2. A book where the character travels
  3. A book with a scientist
  4. A book about a disability
  5. A book about an experiment
  6. A book where the main character is a villain.


  1. A book where the pages are not white
  2. A book set in history
  3. A book about your favourite animal
  4. A book containing polar bears (for Berg)

Enjoy! Let Shannon and LilyMay know how you get on with this challenge, and suggest some prompts for next time… though that is a long way off!


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  1. I think the challenge sounds like fun for all to do no matter their age or disability. My favourite prompt eg:fairytales like Cinderella ,Snow White ,Beauty and the Beast, I like happy ends even though this is not what happens in real life as not everyone has a happy ending like marrying a princess or prince but it doesn’t hurt to dream once in a while it’s good to dream. I must admit I do love Hans Christan Andersen’s fairytales.

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