Disability & Standard Sized Toilets

Silhouette Person in Wheelchair symbol next to toilet drawing

Join Sophie as she discusses the issues surrounding disabled toilets. This includes those that lack the radar key scheme —a key specifically for disabled people that unlocks disabled toilets —and the size of the toilets for people who are in wheelchairs or need a relative amount of space.

The Life of Sophie

In past years, I have been out in public and needed the bathroom, but I have struggled in using them…

There are already a limited number of them and this is jeopardised further by the majority of them bearing standard locks. This is practically giving able-bodied people a free pass to use it, regardless of the symbol on the outside.

I am often sitting outside one in a shopping centre and see that it is engaged. It stays engaged for a long time and when someone finally does emerge, I am unlikely faced with a disabled person.

It is clear what the motive is for these able-bodied people. They do not want to queue to use the men or women’s toilet/ instead they see a ‘toilet’ with no line and checking that no one is around, they use the disabled toilet.

This means someone, who is actually in need of…

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