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Types of Writers and 10 Tips For Joining A Writer’s Group

Have a look at this post about Writing Groups. While you’re at it, why not join this discord writing group:
Ran by Lizzie at It’s Me Lizzie, you get to join your favourite Hogwarts house and show off all your writing talents. Including non-fiction, fiction, scripts and blogs!

Morgan Hazelwood: Writer In Progress

I’ve heard myths of writers who produce amazing works from within a vacuum.

Writing can be very solitary work. You, the keyboard, and the depths of your imagination. It’s easy to feel like you’re locked away from the world (or perhaps escaping from the world) while you craft the story you want to tell.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this day and age, writing groups are all around us. Even if you live in the middle of no where, as long as you have semi-regular access to the internet, you can find people on their journey to become a writer.

The Many Types Of Writers You Can Find

  • You can find the dreamers, who dream of becoming an author, with their whirl of ideas–struggling to find the time or fearing the reality won’t be as great as the novel in their heads.
  • You can find the…

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