Series Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians


pjoNote: Like all of my reviews, this is spoiler free! If you haven’t read the series, then you’re free to read this review and see if it’s your cup of tea!

It’s no secret that Percy Jackson and the Olympians will always be my favorite book series.

I grew up with them, starting reading the when I was the main character, Percy’s, age. And they absolutely changed my life. Nowadays, superfans are called stans, and I stanned this series very aggressively. I was being horrifically abused in this period of my life by somewhat-family members, and this series singlehandedy saved my life. The fan forums of support (when I first came out), the friends I made in school, and the impact this series had on my own writing was monumental. I even got the opportunity to meet the author, Rick Riordan, when I was entering eighth grade, and he gave…

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