Paws and Prose: Responsible Writing

One of my modules this semester is looking at whether an author is responsible for what they write and to what degree. It has been interesting so far, we have been looking at authors like Oscar Wilde who believe that writing is just beautiful, Faulkner who believed it was personal and universal and Orwell who believed it was political.

This week, we looked at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Look Who’s Back and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and whether their work is acceptable. We came to the conclusion that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is fine because it is written by Rachel Bloom who is part of the Jewish community the show represents, Look Who’s Back and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas got mixed feelings. However, people believed that The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas should have had some more research into it as there are a lot of plotholes.

One of my friends pointed out that Bruno, despite being German, speaking German as a first language, didn’t know what the word ‘fuhrer’ meant leader or guide.

I love this module, it is really interesting. For my essay, I am looking at stories (both on screen and in literature) that has a disabled protagonist and whether the story is told so that the character has their own personality and not the generic personality of the disabled victim and/or villain.

I am looking forward to rereading Amy and Matthew (once I get my book back) and Katy as well as watching films and TV shows. Atypical, The A Word and Me Before You are all on my list.

Aside from planning my essay, I haven’t really read or wrote much this week, I am halfway through Dorian Gray though which is mentioned a lot in lecture and I’m enjoying it. I find it amusing that he wrote this book to prove you can have a story with no responsibility but has a great moral at the end.

Feel free to recommend books and shows to look at for my essay.


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