Christmas Wrapping – One-handed

I heard on the radio this morning that some people haven’t put their tree up or wrapped their presents yet. So I’m going to write a post about my technique of wrapping Christmas and birthday presents with only one hand.

I have to be honest, I love wrapping presents! It’s my favourite Christmas Prep activity, well that and buying the presents to wrap. First advice though, before you buy your nice looking wrapping paper in a rush, make sure it’s not some weird cellophane that looks like wrapping paper because that happens…

They happen to sell them in packs of 3 too!

So you have your wrapping paper, your scissors, your sellotape (sticky tape) and the present.

Here’s how I wrap one-handed.

  1. Place the wrapping paper on the floor, partly rolled out.
  2. Place the present at the edge of the paper and roll the paper until it covers the present.
  3. Mark an inch above the spot where the paper’s edges join and place the present at the line.
  4. Flip the present over away from the edge you are going to cut until it stands up twice.
  5. The second place it stands up marks the amount of wrapping paper you need to cover all edges.
  6. Make a mark an inch or so away from where it is standing just to give you some more space encase it moved when you flipped.
  7. Cut the first marked line until it meets the second line.
  8. Change direction for the second line and then place your present in the centre. This leaves the part not needed for another present
  9. Fold the paper over the present until the paper meets the centre, use your elbow to hold it until you can grab something small that has some weight with your other. (Scissors work for me)
  10. Place the item – let’s call it the holding item- on to the paper to hold the paper’s place and cut a piece of sellotape (sticky tape)
  11. Once a strip of sellotape holds it, cut another one that is longer and can strengthen the tape’s hold.
  12. Next is to fold the corners. Assuming this is a box and not something with flat corners, I usually push down from the top of the present so that it forms a U shape. I then fold in the walls of that ‘U’ by pressing inward.
  13. Before sellotaping, I do the same with the other corner.
  14. I stand the present up, on one of the unfinished corners and place the holding item on top and cut a piece of tape
  15. I then stand it up on the other corner and repeat

Thanks for reading, and feel free to subscribe, pictures will be added later 🙂

Merry Christmas!


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