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The Trusty Ol’ Kettle

Being British, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love a good cup of tea with two spoonfuls of sugar. But a few years ago, I struggled to open the lid from kettles, particularly if I was refilling a freshly boiled one.

For one thing, it was heavy, and another I couldn’t grab the lid that well. It often took me a few minutes to pull the lid apart and fill it and a large collection of water is heavy without adding the weight of the kettle to it too.

So my family and I went shopping and began to look at kettles in Currys. Currys had a display of them on the shelves unboxed which allowed us to test the weight of them and how easily I could open the lid. Lots of them had buttons, but not all the buttons opened far; some only opened an inch, others all the way.  At the time, the perfect one was a Breville kettle, and I still have it now. Happily brewing some tea, hot chocolate and coffee with it.

I have also bought another kettle from Amazon to use in my students’ hall this year. Now that my old kettle is a few years old, this one is better but I can still use both well.  It means that I no longer have to worry about burning myself when I use the kettle because the lid opens for me, it is light for me to carry and I am able to pour fine. So I am able to have as much tea as possible ;p .


My nan has arthritis and has similar struggles to me. However, while I am able to pour the kettle, my nan finds this hard. One Christmas, a family member showed her a gadget on Amazon called a Kettle Tipper and she bought one. Knowing that I struggle with similar issues, my nan showed it me and I believe it’s a really cool device.


It works by placing the kettle on to the tipper platform and you adjust the plate so it is able to pour into the cup. I haven’t actually used it, but I assume there will be a trial and error until you are used to the distance from the kettle and the cup.

She also told me that she found it easier to fill the kettle up using a jug. This allowed her to keep the kettle on the device. Since then, my nan and I have been able to brew our favourite hot drinks and dunking in some lovely Rich Tea biscuits.

I hope you find this post useful. If you have used my nan’s device, please let me know who you have found it in comments as it may help some readers. Thanks for reading.

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