Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles

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Some of you may know that I am an aspiring screenwriter. The other day, I showed my lecturer my blog. He highly recommended that I put my screenplay from last year up here for all the world to see, so here it is.

Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles

Honey, Chocolate and Nerkles is a short, fantasy film for children about a young pre-teen girl, who is trying to fit in with school, but she has cerebral palsy. She goes to a mainstream school and the children bully her for being different. She is also receiving a lot of questions from her younger brother who has started to notice how different she is to other people.

Pursued by her main bully, she falls through a portal into a world made of chocolate and sweets. There she has to learn to accept herself to free a small, winged creature known as a nerkle, and to return back home. By doing this, she finds out she has a talent of her own.

I feel that children the same age as my protagonist, Fiona, often feel like they cannot fit in and are an outcast, whether they have a disability or not. By writing this screenplay, I hope to show children that it is alright to be different because everyone is different, everyone has a gift and talent of their own.

Feel free to comment, contact me or share this. I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. I like this movie title as it will be something I will watch myself. You are a great screenwriter and do keep it up hopefully you will make it to the top.


    1. Thanks Prajakta. The script is on there too if you haven’t read it already.

      The Movie title was the last thing I thought of but it seemed to be the only one that would fit out of all my other ideas and I love it. 🙂


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