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Bearing Disability: Getting Things Moving

Carrying weight has always been a problem for me. I have to consider it all the time when I’m shopping. Most people don’t think about popping to the shops and filling a bag with groceries, but often, I struggle to carry a bag of groceries that contain the bare necessities: milk, bread, a tin or two and cooking sauces – so when I have to make a big trip to the shops it is always a struggle. However, I have some tricks and tips.


Abandon the Shopping Basket.
The shopping basket is absolutely useless. It’s just putting the weight you can’t handle into your arms before you have even paid for it and by the time you get the tills, you’ll already be tired.

Use a Shopping Trolley
Known as shopping carts in the USA, these things are great to stop you from getting too tired too quickly. Try and use the smallest size they have to prevent you from filling it up with a bunch of stuff you were not originally going to buy. It’s ok to use a trolley and only have 5-6 items in it when you take it to the till.

Make a list
This will make it so that you don’t buy what you were not originally going to get.

University Shopping
If you are moving into halls, take someone shopping with you. If you are struggling to carry weight, there is no way you can do a big shop for a university by yourself. My dad helps me when I move into halls and then I do frequent but small shops throughout the year. However, if you have a flatmate steal all your food (it happens -_- ) and you need to do an emergency shop – then friends will be happy to help too. Alternatively, there is online shopping but they tend to give short-dated food.


Doing laundry at halls

This one could probably fit into the shopping one as well, but I have a shopping trolley bag that I use as a laundry hamper. My last two university years, I had to go to the laundrette to do my laundry but was unable to carry my clothes. So my dad bought me a shopping trolley as a way of easily manoeuvring my clothes.

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Moving a laptop and other uni supplies

Get a bag on wheels. I honestly think that my laptop bag is the best bag invention ever, it has a laptop case to protect my MacBook, places to store folders and can be easily moved because it has an extendable handle and wheels. If you struggle carrying your laptop or uni supplies I highly recommend them.

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Wheels are the best invention known to man.


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